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12 Amazing Signs That Show You Need a Westie Way More Than a Couple

It is known that love is the most important feeling that makes humans behave in different ways. There is a time in your life when you decide to give your love to someone. However, you must know who will receive your heart. Stop seeking for your lover, because the one you have been looking for is living with you in your house. YES, your westie. Your westie is and always be loyal to you. He knows that sharing a bed with you is pretty much the best thing that will ever happen to him.

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You’d love to be always showered with affection and gratitude. Every time you arrive at home, he has too much energy and happiness just to see that you are at home. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you’ve  gone out for the whole day or just went to get some things to the store. Every time you come back to the house is going to be treated like you’re a long-lost lover who finally made it back home. You could get used to this.

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Even if you are moody, you need a guy who helps you to over come that. Do not worry, he will never ask if is «that time of the month.» Even if you are wrong, he will never make you feel small or bad. On the contrary, he will help you to feel better with a hug.

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You do not like picky guys at the moment of deciding what to eat. There wont never be a problem to decide what to eat. The only thing he doesn’t like is chocolate. However, that means there is more for you to eat.

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If you are looking for a perfect date, he will understand. Going for a walk to the park or other places many times is the best thing you both can do. What a romantic date can be going for a walk during the morning or late at night, and better if there is few people near to you. Sure, there will be sometimes that he might ask to stop  at times and zone out when he sees a speeding motorcycle. However,  you also know that he looks forward to these walks even more than you do.

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All girls dream with someone to cuddle them during the whole movie. Honestly, he probably doesn’t even glance at the screen, since he’s too distracted by incredible your lap-feels. You are always the main attraction, so he will be always paying attention to you. In addition, he never complains that his arm is falling asleep.

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You’re a lover of his handsome face. Have you seen him though? You simply can’t take your eyes off him. You will be envied for being with the most handsome one. He will be always the best of all for you.

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You want someone who makes road trips funnier. You won’t never be alone while you are driving again. He’s the perfect passenger seat companion, especially when you roll down the window and he sticks his head out, the wind blowing back his magnificent hair. Also, he never switches the radio so, you will always listening your favority music.

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You will have always who will be listening to you, or try to do it. There are some situations where you’d like to be listened, so your dog will always be there for help, and listen how your day was or your problems. He might get a few commands jumbled up, but you can tell his ears perk up every time he hears your voice, so you’ll forgive him for any screw-ups.

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It’s important that he knows  when you’re feeling bad or having a bad day  without you saying a single word. The moment he realizes you are going through bad situations or just a bad day, he will try to cheer you up and make you happy. You can share how you feel with him, and he wont judge you. And no, your feelings never make him «uncomfortable.»

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You need someone who recognizes that sharing a bed with you is the best thing that will happen to him.That specific moment when your hands make contact with the mattress as you pat it, signaling him to join you, is enough to make his entire week.

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