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10 Secret and Surprising Ways Your Staffy Says “I Love You”

noviembre 11, 2018

It is known by dog owners that our pup is connected with us. We as dog owners can see how our dogs behave and immediately know what they are thinking or what they are going to do next. Moreover, there are some signs your dog makes that mean they love you. Maybe you have seen some of those signs but there are some others that probably you have not even imagine.


Instant alertness when they see you

A dog can be asleep but when someone they love enters to the room, all that sleepiness disappears. That is love!

If you give your love to your dog, you can assure that you’ll receive some of these gestures and indicators of love in return.

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Lifting and wiggling of their eyebrows

For a long time, people have associated tail wagging as a form that dogs use to communicate. However,  facial expressions can be even more powerful. Movement of the left eyebrow or ear is a sign that means that the dog approves the person they are in contact with, or the action that is being performed.

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 Leaning on you

When you lean on another person, you know that person will help you and comfort you. Dogs do exactly the same, they lean on people they love because of the affection and security they feel when they are with them.

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Calmly watching you leave

Very different from what people believe, a pup that panics when you are leaving the house means that he is insecure and does not trust you, because they think you will live them. Your dog will only be calm as you leave if they trust you and know that you will be back because you love them as much as they love you.

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Yawning at the same time you yawn

You know that yawning is very contagious. However, experts have said that if you yawn and your pup does it right after you do it, it means that your dog is connected to you emotionally.

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Jumping at you are back at home

We know people love us or feel comfortable by the expressions or signs they show when they see us. For dogs is almost impossible to hide the happiness they feel when their owner returns. Look out for tail wagging, jumping up and down, licking your face and bringing you a toy – all indicators that show your pup loves you.

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Sleeping in your room

If there is something dogs do is to choose places where they will sleep, and a dog that loves you will want to sleep in your room and as close to you as possible.

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Direct stare into your eyes

Scientists have said that is like being hugged, and there is even scientific proofs to support it. Looking into the eyes of your pet is not only a way to express love, but also releases the hormone oxytocin which makes you feel happier and more bonded with your pooch.

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Cuddling after eating

It is well known that all dogs love food, and studies suggest that the action that follows eating is a sign of what they value the most. A dog that cuddle his owner after they have eaten means that he feels comfortable with you and wants to spend time with you.

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Showing love

All the above signs are all illustrations of how dogs show their love to their owners. Dogs can sense your love for them and then reciprocate with one or even several of these gestures.

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