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7 Amazing Signs That Show Your Corgi Has You Trained

Have you ever felt that’s you, and not your dog , the one who’s been well trained? If so, in this article will show you  amazing clues to know who is the trained one. We’ve put together this handy guide in order to help you determine who really carries the leash in the relationship with your corgi.

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Your free time is focused on your corgi

Schedule is always a problem for you. However, when you do spare some time to get together with friends or family, it has to be in a place where dogs are allowed. Because you always bring your dog everyplace you go. Otherwise, you would just spend the whole evening worrying about him and that’s stressful for you.

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Your dog will always give you some commands to follow

Most of the cases you thought you were training your dog to ring a bell, scratch at the door or bring you her leash to let you know when she needed to do her things, however, most of the cases, your dog is just looking for a little of your attenion or some entertainment. And you always happily respond to these cues by stop doing everything you were doing and taking her out to the park for a walk. So, really, you are the one who has been trained.

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You spend almost nothing in yourself, but with your dog, the sky’s the limit.

You are always trying to get the best for your pup. You’re more than happy to stop buying things for you and buy things for your dog. And while your own style may be lacking, your pooch’s is totally on point. You can’t remember the last time you visited a salon, but your dog has a standing mani-pedi appointment at the groomer. Your dog is always looking perfect to impress, from her toys until their delicious food. In spite you spend a lot of money in your dog, you are more than happy to do it everday of your life to see your dog happy.

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You have to spell out certain words.

As a dog owner you have to spell some words to your dog to call their attention, for example: W-A-L-K and D-O-G P-A-R-K are used when you want to call your dogs attention, because saying them typically gets him super excited — and you couldn’t bear to let him down by not taking him where he thinks he’s going. In adittion, You also spell out his name when complaining (“D-I-N-O keeps hogging the bed!” or “D-I-N-O stop doing that”) because you wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings.

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Most of the time you spend on internet you use it sharing pics of your dog, or looking information abot his breed.

As a normal person, you use social networks everyday. Most of the people use it to watch some videos or chat with their friends. However, you have your own facebook, but in spite of having pictures of you, your facebook account is full of pictures of your pup.

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Your dog is the only one who sleeps well.

You wake up in the morning about to fall of the bed because most of the space in the bed is used by your dog. As uncomfortable as you are, you dare not move, as that might disturb your pup’s sleep. You try to tell yourself that it’s you who allows your dog to sleep in your bed, but deep down you know it’s really the other way around and start questioning who is the real owner of the bed.

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