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Science Confirms For Border Collies Their Humans Are Their Parents

Border Collies whole pattern of behavior is the same as that of a human child.

Resultado de imagen de Border Collie and owner cuddling"
People generally see their pets as their children or at least as part of the family, because we raise, educate, love and consent them a lot, and we take responsibility for their well-being.

That work we do with them and the bond we create makes them the most important thing in our lives and we the most important thing in theirs.

According to a study carried out by the veterinarian Lisa Horn of the University of Vienna, Australia, our dogs and kittens see us as if we were their parents.

What was the study about?

Lisa, studying 22 puppies which she divided into three groups, the first group stayed in a room, away from their parents, the second, stayed in a room with their parents but they had to remain silent and ignore them and the third was a group made up of dogs and their parents, they had to motivate the dogs to play, they spoke to them, they consented and they fed them as they rewarded their good behavior or to play when they told them to.

Resultado de imagen de Border Collie and owner cuddling"
The results obtained were to be expected, the dogs that were close to their parents, that is, the second and the third group, showed themselves as very cheerful, playful and extroverted animals, they did not feel bad or insecure at any time.

However, the first group, those who were completely separated from their parents, felt insecure and fearful, did not want to respond to stimuli such as play or food.

A few days later, Lisa again ran tests with the same dogs, those in Group Two and three, the difference being that she replaced the parents of the puppies with people unknown to them.

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The results were different from the first ones, as the dogs, although accompanied, were disinterested in the games, food or caresses, only showed earrings from the door to see when their parents will return for them.

Lisa came to the conclusion that the dogs belong to a dimension called «security area», which means that the animals will feel more motivated, confident, happy, protected, comfortable, interested, when they are close to their parents are human, on the contrary, when they are distant, they seem to get depressed, lose interest and even feel in danger.

The pattern is also observed in the relationship between children and parents, because children, especially when they are young, feel much more capable and safe when their parents are accompanying them and vulnerable when they are absent.

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So, if you have a Border Collie or a kitten and have been happy and comfortable only when you are present, run to hug him and promise him that you will never abandon him, for to them, we are their world and all they have.