7 Powerful Reasons To Have A Husky At Home

Dog is considered man’s best friend because they are loyal, loving, true listeners and pleasant company, but beyond these kindnesses, there are other powerful reasons to have a Husky at home.

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The University of Western Australia states that more than 70% of pet owners say that «they never or rarely feel lonely and the chances of reaching the recommended level of physical activity per week increase». It is proven by the American Association of Animal Hospitals (AAHA) that the company of this pet improves the mood, mental health and physical condition.

Having a dog in the house has much more benefits than you had thought. Although they require care and attention, their company is well worth it.

That’s why we share only 7 very powerful reasons for you to adopt them at home.

1. Husky keeps you in shape.

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The University of London confirms that children who have a dog are more active and exercise regularly unlike those who don’t. Also, it’s more fun to go for a run with your pet.

2. Husky helps you be more sociable.

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Dogs are a kind of social catalyst because they help reduce isolation, according to the British Medical Journal.

3. Husky generate empathy.

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The University of Goldsmith notes in a study that dogs come closer to people who are in danger or crying.

4. Huskies  are an antidepressant.

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Depression is easier to handle with the love of a dog, having someone who loves us unconditionally gives us a reason to move on.

5. Huskies make you more attractive.

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The Dogs Trust in England states that having a dog makes the opposite sex notice you because they perceive you to be more open to dialogue.

6. Huskies reduce the risk of heart problems.

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The American Heart Association states in a study that dog owners have a lower risk of heart disease.

7. Therapists in rehabilitation.

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These pets help reduce dependence on rehabilitation therapies, according to the University of California.

It is not an exaggeration to say that having a Husky makes you feel happier. Just by looking at it or having contact with it, your oxytocin levels increase, which awakens in you a feeling of joy, according to researchers from the University of Tokyo, Japan.