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Without Hesitation This Man Decided To Put His Car Up For Sale To Save His Great Pyrenees

What would you do if your puppy would be in danger or in a very critical situation and needs expensive surgical intervention in order to be saved? I know that you would not think twice and would do everything possible to save the life of your furry friend. Our pets are our friends, brothers, children and more in a single being that gives us a lot of love. Many of us are willing to make great sacrifices in order to provide their well-being. It also happened with Mark, who put his vehicle up for sale in order to save his dog. Like any normal day, Mark was with his girlfriend, his girlfriend’s daughter, and his dog Yuki. His girlfriend’s baby then threw her bottle on the floor, and Yuki picked it up with her mouth. However, Mark knew of the danger that this implied, so he immediately took the bottle from his dog. Still, Yuki inadvertently held the bottle in her mouth, and while no one noticed he swallowed the top of the bottle.

No one knew what had happened, until over time Mark noticed how Yuki behaved in a strange way. Yuki was no longer playing with the same energy as before since Yuki was very playful. According to Mark ,  Yuki was his faithful friend and he followed him everywhere, something that no longer happened that way.When Mark realized Yuki was in poor health, he moved heaven and earth to help him be better. Mark and his girlfriend visited many veterinary centers in search of a diagnosis, but none could provide a concrete answer until, in one of the places they visited, they revealed that an object was obstructing Yuki’s interior. When making the diagnosis, Mark was told that a $ 4500 surgery was necessary. Mark lost his job because of the time he spent looking for someone who could help his friend, and unfortunately he didn’t have the money. It was then that he decided to place an ad putting his car up for sale, all in order not to lose his friend. Eventually a close friend of Mark was able to lend him $ 2000 but he still lacked money to pay for the surgery.

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Fortunately, an organization that read about the case of Mark and Yuki appeared. They were able to help them raise the necessary funds for the surgery of their beloved friend. The whole process was more than perfect, Yuki already plays and behaves with the best attitude ever and is more than healthy. Mark is very grateful for the support of the people who made it possible to help save his little furry friend’s life. Many of us as well as Mark would do everything possible to save our faithful friends regardless of the expense that this brings us because dogs are like our children and we have to take care of them.