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4. Shar Pei Names Inspired by Pop Culture

To the uninitiated, AKC-registered dog names like GCH Palacegarden Malarchy and GCH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind (Westminster Best in Show winners from 2012 and 2011, respectively) might sound silly at best, or like utter nonsense. But that is far from the truth; many AKC registered dog names are carefully chosen and usually have a history and meaning behind them.

«When an owner chooses their dog’s registered name, it reflects the dog’s personality and the owner’s interests and likes,» says AKC Communications Director Lisa Peterson.


Cerberus – Belgian Malinois, Dita the Hair Missile Dog portrays a bomb detection dog in the CBS drama series SEAL Team. A Greek name, Cerberus was a mythical three-headed guard dog at the entrance to the underworld.

Cheddar— A comedic Corgi named Stewart starred as Captain Raymond Holt’s friend with paws on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Funny Boy Dog Names

  • Bones
  • Luigi
  • Sushi (tixagb_ag_14)
  • )

If these lists haven’t given you an exact idea of ​​a boy name, hopefully it has given you inspiration and ideas on how to search for a dog name in your everyday life. Get inspired by your favorite things, the dog’s appearance and appearance or simply choose a name that you like and wouldn’t feel like an embarrassing shout in the park or on the beach. Choose a popular top boy dog ​​name in 2019 or think of something unique and out of the box.

Fun ’80s Names Inspired by Books, TV and Movies:

  1. Alex (Beverly Hills Cop, Family Ties)
  2. Freddy (Night) (e On Elm Street) tixagb_14)
  3. Janet (Three’s Company)
  4. Jesse/Jessie (Full House, Saved By the Bell)
  5. John (The Breakfast Club, Die Hard, Rambo ) )

  6. Kelly (Married With Children, Saved By the Bell)
  7. Lionel (All In the Family, The Jeffersons)
  8. Marty (Back to the Future)
  9. Rudy (The Cosby Show)

  10. Sam (Cheers)

  11. Winnie (The Wonder Years Z_1tix)
  12. ) (4) (Saved By the Bell)

John (The Breakfast Club, Die Hard, Rambo)


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Small dog names come in many different sizes and types. Some tiny puppies actually lend themselves to a rather big and bold choice. Whether you’re looking for popular small dog names, or want to give it a unique twist, there are plenty of great options. Here are our top 40 names for small dogs. Ideal if you’re looking for quick puppy name ideas: