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Are Australian Shepherds Good Listeners?

Some people want a dog that will hug them and watch Netflix all day with them. We have an article for you if you are looking for the perfect indoor dog. Others want a dog that will follow them while they are biking, hiking or camping. We created this list of the best outdoor dogs for our outdoorsy people.

Labrador Retriever

Border Collies

This is another of the dog breeds that was bred for herding over the years. This means that they are full of energy and love the challenge that comes with interacting with the great outdoors. Border collies are great listeners and loyal. They are lightweight and it is because of their energy, athleticism, and speed that they are not only great dogs for their sports, but they are also great at dog agility training. Their sister breeds, the Rough and Smooth Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs, also make excellent active companions for pet parents. For more information, purchase a book on the pet industry at your local pet store.

This is one of the dog breeds that doubles as a family dog ​​and an athletic breed. The Labrador is considered the hunter’s best companion because of his loyalty, energy, and willingness to please. Most are tolerant and love water. Most will also love to go hunting, camping, and hiking with not only you, but your whole family. For more information, purchase a book on the pet industry at your local pet store.


This adorable breed of dog is best known for its charming, goofy personality and hyperactive behavior.

Boxers make wonderful pets for all types of families, but they do require structure, exercise, and good mental stimulation. Taking long walks with your boxer and playing fetch games are great ways to keep their minds sharp and busy.

Another breed of dog that requires mental stimulation every day is the Siberian husky. These beautiful dogs were bred to pull sleds over long distances. They enjoy long daily walks, hikes, and runs to stay happy and healthy. However, if you live in a hot climate, make sure you are aware of your husky’s overheating signs, as they have a thick coat.

Can Australian Shepherds hunt?

Yes, Australian Shepherds can make excellent hunting dogs due to their high levels of intelligence, almost limitless energy levels, and constant eagerness to please their owner.


Newfoundland, courtesy of the Newfoundland Club of Seattle

We were developed in Newfoundland to work alongside anglers, enduring icy waters. A renowned swimmer, we are also famous for our patience with children. If you have read Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, you will remember that the children’s nanny, Nana, was a Newfoundland (not a St. Bernard, as is often portrayed in the movies). Weighing in at around 130 pounds, we’re an oversized reading companion with a warm-hearted acceptance of children’s vivacity. While we may occasionally drool over a book (sorry!), we’re happy to give kids extra practice with their reading and speaking skills. The process of stroking my big, soft body calms the kids as they read, too. And getting back to my nautical theme, may I suggest we read something like Newfoundland: Water Rescuer?