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Are Australians purebred?

They are often called mini Aussie’s. The Miniature Australian Shepherd is nearly identical to the standard or full-sized Australian Shepherd in all but size, primarily cuteness.

What are Miniature Australian Shepherds like? They have a medium length coat. They may have blue or red blackbird coats, red or black tricolor, all with white or tan markings. You won’t see them with white hair around their eyes or ears. Their coat will also be straight or slightly wavy. They will do well in cold weather because of all that fur! The body is longer than the height of the dog’s shoulders, and the ribcage and chest are moderately developed. The topline is very straight from the shoulders to the hips. The legs are straight and the feet are slightly arched with the hind legs with a well defined stance giving the dog a ready to spring into action appearance.

Australian Bobtail Breeding

Bobtail breeding is frowned upon due to the complicated nature of the potential outcomes. In most cases where a breeder attempts to produce a litter of naturally wagged-tailed pups, there will inevitably be more pups that die during or shortly after birth than survive. The recessive gene that gives the breed a naturally bobbed tail is not fully understood, and as such, breeding for a bobbed tail is considered unacceptable. This practice presents high risks of health problems. Read more about common Australian Shepherd health problems: everything you need to know.

For the Australian breed, tail docking actually has a positive medical purpose. While the surface-level optics of tail docking seem cruel, there are several medical benefits to this standard procedure.


Sometimes one of the genes responsible for dwarfism occurs by chance, but more often it is introduced by interbreeding. Creating a mini breed in this way will reduce the size of a dog by shortening their legs, but they also tend to have overly large heads.

So a Mini Australian Shepherd with dwarfism will not look proportionally the same as the standard breed. It also carries a risk of painful muscular and skeletal side effects.

How much does an Australian Shepherd cost from a breeder?

The price of an Australian Shepherd puppy can range from $700 to $3,000. There are many factors that can affect the price, from the breeder’s reputation to the coat color of the dog.

In general, Australian males tend to be more expensive than bitches, and some coat colors (such as blackbird) are more expensive than others.

Look at the size and shape of his body.

This is one of the essential things you should consider. As we discussed earlier, Aussies are considered to be medium-sized dogs. But having a good knowledge of your weight and height is very important.

In fact, Australians have a solid and robust body.