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Are border collies jealous?

After having several wonderful dogs over the years, I had never owned a Border Collie until I got married. The woman wanted one and if you are married you know this, the woman pretty much gets what she wants. I knew enough about the genre to know we were in for a challenge but it was something I wasn’t so prepared for or aware of. Having been the happy owner of a Border Collie for over two years now, I am simply amazed at how involved he has become in our lives. I don’t mean this to be a boring way, and in writing this I’ve struggled to explain it. What it boils down to is this; when this species looks at you, they are really looking directly at you. As in, right in the eye. Not in an aggressive way but in a questioning way like he’s asking, «So, what’s next?» The Border Collie look is really something to behold.

This look started when he was very young. As a puppy I would work with him in training and he would look me straight in the eye. Now I have always been told and read that this is an aggressive move that dogs use to establish dominance. I know how to look at a dog, but this is something else entirely.

You may also have heard of people talking about the Border Collie Stare which is also something different. The «stare» is the look they get when their herding instinct kicks in and is unmistakable. We see it all the time when someone picks up a tennis ball.

5-Yawn when you yawn. Waggo

Signs of a Jealous Border Collie

Aggressiveness – be it growl, growl, growl, bark, Border Collie Collie is aggressive with others, it could be a sign that they don’t like the attention you give to the person, object or animal. They may also feel the need to protect you from someone or something.

Getting Your Attention – If your Border Collie is getting in your face, trying to get between you and the other person or object, barking at you to look at them, nuzzling you, whining and cries at you, or even be blatantly destructive right next to you, he is probably trying to draw your attention to him and away from the thing he is jealous of.

Top 10 Most Jealous Dog Breeds

If you’ve ever had a Frenchie before, you know that this dog takes the title of the most jealous dog.

He tends to be aggressive or bark incessantly when a stranger comes your way. He won’t mind following you wherever you go.

Collie Jealous Partner

Like other dogs and young children, at some point your collie can become jealous of your partner, especially if it is a new relationship and you spend a lot of time with them in away from your dog.