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Are Dobermans crazy?

“We want to be free but we’re not” Crazy Doberman is a black hole free jazz band from LaFayette Indiana. They released about 15 records in a year.

Doberman Pinschers Myths and Legends

By Anne Marie Monteiro I thought I’d start off the new year by addressing some of the comments I’ve heard about Doberman Pinschers over the years from interested people in the race and worried about various rumors they had heard. I have bred Dobies for many years and have shown in the conformation ring and taught obedience for a while, so I have heard from many people about the temperament of this breed. I think it’s time to clear up some common misconceptions with a simple true/false for each statement. Let’s get started…

Why Dobermans Don’t Turn On Their Masters

Dobermans possess a long list of behavioral traits that go against the belief that they are prone to turning on their masters . Some of these traits are:

  • Highly Intelligent: Dobermans are extremely intelligent. Intelligent dogs generally don’t have as much trouble with impulse control as dogs with lower intelligence levels. They have a strong cognitive ability to think before acting. Dobermans are one of the five most intelligent dogs according to PetMD. Their high level of intelligence makes them easy to train and allows them to easily adhere to the rules and limits set by their owners.
  • Loyal: Dobermans are known to be extremely loyal dogs. A dog that has naturally loyal tendencies will bond with and protect families from it, not suddenly become aggressive towards them. They have a tendency to bond more with a particular family member, but are also protective of their «pack» as a whole. However, this one-person bond is stronger in female Dobermans than in males. You can read more about the differences between male and female Dobermans here.
  • People Oriented: Dobermans are people oriented dogs. If you’ve ever had a close interaction with a Doberman, you may notice that he or she will look you directly in the eye while talking. They are very in tune with your body language and emotions. Dogs displaying these qualities rarely have aggression problems towards their owners or families.
  • Love – Love and affection are a priority for Dobermans. This is likely related to your role as a personal tutor. They are often called «Velcro dogs» because once they bond with you, they will stay by your side. Dogs that behave like this are much more likely to protect their owners than to harm them.
  • Protector – These are highly protective dogs. Dogs that have the natural instincts to protect their «pack» (or family) like the Doberman does are less likely to harm their owners. It could be argued that they may be more likely to take physical action against a threatening stranger, but not against their own masters.

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