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Are Dobermans lap dogs?

«I’ve had Dobermans my entire adult life,» says Ann Koch, owner of Dog Mountain Rescue.

Doberman Pinchers have a storied history. The breed, over 100 years old, was created by Luis Dobermann in the 1870s to accompany him while he collected taxes. In the early 1900s, Dobermans came to the United States, where they became one of the most beloved family dogs, the second most popular breed in the country. But, like the pit bull, loyal and enthusiastic Dobermans have gotten a bad rap, especially when unscrupulous owners force the dogs to become aggressive or fearsome.

Are Dobermans lap dogs?

Yes, Dobermans are lap dogs and they want you to know that they enjoy this role. Dobermans are affectionate animals, but their affection is noble. Dobermans will want to be close to you, have your hand on their head, rest their head in your lap, or sit with their back pressing their body as close as possible.

However, you should always respect your dog’s wishes, and you should never force him to lick or hug you. But in general, licking and cuddling is what Dobermans want to do.

Dobermans in a family unit

In general, these dogs are well-rounded and can adapt to a variety of situations. Their intelligence and how in tune they are with people helps with this.

By nature, Dobermans are pack animals and love the feeling of belonging to a family unit or group.

You will find that any Dobermans you have will quickly join your family and do not like to be away from the pack. In fact, Dobermans love this feeling of being with the pack so much that it’s not uncommon to be able to regularly walk one off-leash. Of course, this depends on the training the dog receives and its environment. I went on a three day backpacking trip with my Doberman in the woods and I didn’t wear a leash once, I had no desire to leave the group and walk away.


Playing with your Doberman creates a strong bond between you, in the eyes of your dog. Playing is a way that dogs trust and care about their owners. By trusting and feeling comfortable with you, your Doberman will have a better chance of snuggling with you.

There are several different ways to play with your Doberman, all of which are important. You can play fetch, toss, wrestle, or give them brain teasers to solve. Each activity will strengthen the bond and the level of trust that your Doberman has with you.