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Are Great Pyrenees couch potatoes?

The Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California has an urgent request for prospective dog owners out there: They need your help.

The nonprofit is overwhelmed with rescued dogs and their owners, according to board member and Fullerton resident Patty Fusting.

Basset Hound

Although they are hunting dogs, these puppies are known for their disciplined behavior and absolute willingness to sleep the day away. Basset Hounds are loving, gentle dogs that are happy to be active or lie around in the afternoon.

One of the facts about Basset Hounds is that they don’t need too much exercise; daily walks and a little playtime are usually enough. However, this couch potato attitude makes them prone to gaining weight, so they need to stay away from junk food and get enough daily exercise.

Q: Is a certain type best suited for our purposes?

A: Dog breeds—and mixed breeds—can be very versatile and fill any job you create, but certain personality traits are better suited for some activities. For example, a retriever makes an ideal duck hunting companion and can also be a great family dog. A Great Pyrenees makes a wonderful livestock guard, if you are looking for a dog to protect your sheep, but an Australian Cattle Dog would probably run your sheep ragged. However, if you want a couch-potato dog who enjoys the occasional walk, but prefers the comfort of a cozy bed, your middle-aged, soft-spoken dog is your best bet, regardless of breed.

Answer: If your family is constantly running between work, school and extracurriculars, a young puppy may not be the ideal choice. Puppies require a lot of work, supervision, training, socialization and time to become a happy, well-behaved family member. Carefully consider your family’s schedule and whether anyone will be available for house, crate and obedience training and anything else a puppy needs. If your family cannot devote the time required to care for a new puppy, consider a middle-aged or older pet. Older pets show you the same amount of love, but usually require less time and attention than a puppy. Plus, they usually have some training under their belt.

Energy Level

Equivalent to a gym bunny, they love a good workout, but they also love to sleep. Daily runs and plenty of games are ideal for keeping this breed in shape.

Great Pyrenees are extremely intelligent dogs, although they tend to be independent and strong-willed. Constant training is the key.