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Are GSDs lazy?

Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent your GSD from becoming bored and displaying these unpleasant behaviors. Exercise is a great choice, but you’ll still need to give your brain something to do. The workout not only wears them down mentally, but physically as well, effectively curbing that boredom. Puzzle toys are another way to keep your German Shepherd busy. If they’re longing for playtime with the pooch, try a doggie daycare. In short, anything that provides mental and physical stimulation will help your German Shepherd not get bored.

Hyper could be a sign of behavioral problems.

You might be annoyed if your German Shepherd runs around all day, but you don’t have to change the way he behaves.

But many German Shepherd owners say their dog is «weird» to describe bad habits like barking, chewing or scaring other pets in the house.

Is my German Shepherd just out of shape?

This goes hand in hand with the previous section on boredom. If your German Shepherd never gets the opportunity to exercise, he’s probably just out of shape. This can lead to laziness as they will start to find the exercise unpleasant. However, this is very unhealthy for your German Shepherd and you should make every effort to get him back into shape as soon as possible.

An illness or injury can certainly be the cause of your German Shepherd’s supposed laziness. It is entirely possible that they are not lazy, but rather not feeling well.

Why doesn’t my German Shepherd come when he is called?

Imagine your dog running towards you with so much excitement when you call him!

The main reason why your German Shepherd doesn’t come when you call him is because you missed some steps during training, you called him to you to punish him, he is undertrained, there are too many distractions, and coming to you means you interrupt his fun.

Age factor

The age of your German Shepherd can be one of the factors in his lazy behavior. They have to age, which may allow them to no longer exercise. Older German Shepherds lack physical stamina and avoid getting as much exercise.

If so, you need to ensure their sanity. Make sure they must be happy so they can live a happy life with their loved ones. However, you shouldn’t force them to do more exercise which could affect their health as well. Rather you can make them walk some distance as it would be good for them.