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Are Pomeranians cats?

If we are to believe the cartoons we all grew up watching, we would almost certainly be convinced that dogs and cats are the worst enemies.

However, in real life, this is not always true.

How to Help Pomeranians Adjust to a Cat

Pomeranians, on the other hand, don’t need much encouragement to accept other pets. But when the cat acts up, it confuses the dog and makes them wary and on guard. Therefore, it is important to reassure the Pomeranian with positive feedback that he has done nothing wrong.

If the cat hits the dog, it’s important that you help the Pomeranian heal with treats and cuddles. This allows him to understand that what the cat did was wrong and that he does not need to retaliate or get revenge for the insult he received from the cat.

What to do with cats?

If you have a Pomeranian and want to have a cat, it’s best to bring a kitten or a young cat. That way, your cat will be around your other pets from a very young age, which will increase the chances that your Pomeranian and cat will become excellent friends.

If you are considering adopting an adult cat from a shelter, you should get as much information about the animal as possible. For example, you might want to know if the cat has spent any time in homes that have dogs. Before making a decision or making a commitment, have the cat sniff a piece of cloth or blanket that belongs to your dog. Smells tend to stick to these items, and if you see the cat expressing a dislike for that smell, you can use that to make your decision.


Image: Jena Ardell/Getty Images

If it looks like a cat, it must actually like cats, right? If your cat likes (or can amicably tolerate) a spunky furball from a pup who loves to play, the Pomeranian is the best dog for your feline.

Pomeranian Dog Guidelines

If your dog constantly barks at cats and/or demonstrates a strong intolerance for them, it would not be wise to bring a cat home. However, if your dog shows indifference or is curious about this unusual creature, these are positive signs.

The next element is how confident you are that you can use commands to control your dog and he will obey. If there are times when he’s tense or maybe you should step in and get him to comply, typical commands include: heel, come, stay, crouch, and sit will be powerful tools in his arsenal.