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At what age can a male Great Pyrenees breed?

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That’s not how genetics works

I hear variations of this weekly, if not daily. «I have a very special need for a livestock protection dog. I want my LGD to be part Great Pyrenees because of their friendlier personality, but I also want the fearlessness of an Anatolian, so obviously I need a mix of the two breeds.”

Let’s take a step back. You cannot accurately predict the appearance or temperament of a mixed breed puppy. That’s why these popular designer breeds have so many different looks and personalities. You don’t get to pick and choose the traits you want – genetics isn’t that simple.

Four months to six months

Between four and five months, your puppy will become much more playful. She should be positive in your home, but you will need to continue regular obedience training and socialization. Daily play and exercise time is important to help her manage her energy.

After six months, your Great Pyrenees may begin to show signs of aggression as she develops physical strength.

She is getting taller and heavier and may be asking for a lot of exercise. Since she’s still growing, don’t overexert her, as this can damage her bones and cause joint problems later in life. Instead, break her workout up into smaller sessions.


Great Pyrenees belong to some of the largest breeds in terms of physical strength and dimensions. They have the ideal size for a guard dog; However, some owners may not want that feature for a family pet.

Their height and weight vary greatly between males and females of the same species. For example, the height of the Pyrenees is about seventy to eighty two centimeters in men – but in women the height can go down to seventy four to sixty five centimeters.


Are you physically capable of handling a very large dog? Basically gentle, they are strong, and during the stages of the puppy can be a real challenge.

Is dog hair around the house bothering you? If so, forget the Pyrenees. Although they have normal grooming they are not much different from any other breed, they do shed and there are white hairs on Pyr homes and on Pyr people.