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Can a Great Pyrenees jump a 6 foot fence?

Booker is an extremely beautiful and loving dog who would be absolutely perfect for someone who only wants one dog but has previous experience with extensive dog training. Booker is a very large and older puppy (89 lbs. at 12-18 months) with the potential to become an even larger adult dog. He appears to be a mix of a Yellow Lab and a Great Pyrenees – and his temperament is most like a Great Pyrenees. He can be stubborn, but he has a very calm temperament around people, is consistently friendly with strangers and children (tested as young as 4 years old), and is eager to receive your positive attention. If he has enough exercise, he is perfectly content to lie down or sit next to you and just be petted indoors a lot for the rest of the time. He needs at least 3-4 miles of walking every day to stay this comfortable indoors, but he is a DREAM to walk on a leash because he loves to go for walks and really wants to be by your side (as long as it is present) there are no other dogs in sight or hearing). He needs a little practice at times when there are distractions, but he has been the Easiest dog I have ever met to train to walk on a leash. I have walked extra miles (5 instead of 3) just to walk longer with him!

Give your dog some privacy (or, rather, give the squirrels on the other side privacy)

Okay, maybe your dog doesn’t care about privacy, but the privacy of a wooden or vinyl fence is a great option for his (and yours) peace of mind. Aside from their climb-proof nature, sturdy privacy fences are great because your dog can’t see what’s on the other side.

If he can’t see squirrels and other dogs and people and all the other things he loves to bark at, he’ll be a lot calmer. He won’t be visible to other dogs on their walks either, who might get distracted and start barking.

Chain link fences drive dogs wild because they can look through and see exactly what they’re missing! Privacy fences are also much more attractive than chain links. Ultimately, choosing the best enclosure for your large dog depends on how your dog behaves and reacts to the outside world. So take some time to consider what suits your four-legged friend best before making a decision.

Electric Fences

An electric fence is a common way for people frustrated with the Great Pyrenees to roam the neighborhood (or their neighbors are frustrated).

I don’t want to be negative, but this usually won’t work and I strongly advise against it.

Will an electric fence stop a dog from jumping the fence?

Dogs can’t get a handle on the pipe to jump over and they literally slide off as it rolls around. There is also the possibility of electronic fences. Electronic fences are invisible fences that can provide your dog with an escape-proof area.

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