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Can you get a calm border collie?

The key to a calm border collie is about expending its energy properly and sufficiently. Your collie’s routine and activities throughout the day will make or break your chances of peace and quiet. So let’s get into it.

Practice is obvious, but many owners still make some mistakes. The first mistake is to only exercise once a day and the second is to stop exercising until the end of the day.

Are female Border Collies quieter than males?

The difference in energy between female and male border collies is actually very small; high energy is a breed trait bred into both sexes. Although a female often appears calmer and quieter – due to general temperament.

Generally, female Border Collies tend to be more aloof and reserved in nature. They also tend to be less stubborn, so training often seems easier.

5 Ways to Calm Your Border Collie

Border Collies who don’t get enough time to exercise during the day are sure to express their drained energy. This energy will likely manifest as nervousness, destructive behavior, or nuisance barking.

Your border collie will need the most exercise during the adolescent phase of its life cycle, between 6 months and 15 months of age.

During this time, make sure he (or she) gets about 90 minutes a day, with a small portion of that time being «off-leash» in independent play.

Will my Border Collie calm down after being neutered?

Some Border Collies can become a little calm after neutering. However, this is not always the case. A drop in energy level after being neutered is not guaranteed. It cannot even create a dent in their hyperactivity. However, some owners have reported a significant change in their Border Collie’s energy levels after being spayed. However, depending on the dogs already in place, active or inactive life, how much or little it might calm your Border Collie.

There are many behavioral and health benefits of neutering or spaying. That’s why veterinarians recommend this method to pet owners.

Best Tranquilizer to Help Border Collie Calm Me

Tranquilizer is a supplement you can give your Border Collie to support a calm mood. If you give your dog a calming aid, like Harmony, you should notice a difference in your dog’s behavior.

Harmony is a fast-acting supplement that supports a healthy stress response in your pup’s body and will help relieve his anxiety.