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Do all German Shepherds know German?

There is nothing worse than knowing that your German Shepherd doesn’t listen to you, but you keep repeating the same behavior.

Your dog will often learn to tune into you simply if you persist in poor communication skills.

How well do German Shepherds understand?

A German shepherd does not communicate like us humans. They will respond to a variety of stimuli in different ways.

The important factors are body language and tone of voice. It can take some time for your German Shepherd to understand certain commands, such as sit, eat, roll over, and more.

Should you speak German to a German shepherd?

It is also possible that your German Shepherd will learn German if you can speak it. The dog’s commands can be given in German, since the words are usually simple, short, and easy to put into a bit of oomph – use your «I mean it» voice. It doesn’t have to be loud, just clear and emphatic.

German isn’t necessarily better suited to dogs than English. You have to train your dog properly to get the desired results. German commands are short, easy, and contain hard-to-ignore consonants, so your dog can recognize you’re talking to them by looking at them.

They are cuddly bugs at home but aloof in public

Don’t be surprised if your rescued German Shepherd is a total cuddle at home but aloof and aloof in public. This is GSD brand behavior and not something to worry about.

Without proper socialization, this can sometimes develop into territorial behavior and even aggression towards strangers and other dogs. Adopting a senior German Shepherd means not knowing if his previous owner took the time to socialize. This is a potential risk that GSD adopters need to be aware of so they can take the necessary precautions when bringing guests and other dogs onto their property.

German Shepherd Breed Profile

Rin Tin Tin, the first canine star of film and TV, captivated mid-century audiences with his courage and charisma. The true story of «Rinty» was no less dramatic: he was rescued by an American soldier in Germany during World War I and brought to the United States. (in addition to his on-screen exploits, the handsome dog was said to have saved the Warner Bros. film studio from bankruptcy). The character has also increased the popularity of the breed: German Shepherds have been in the top three most popular breeds in the United States for many years. GSD also shared the spotlight with Roy Rogers (Bullet the Wonder Dog), Bionic Woman (Max the Bionic Dog) and Will Smith in I Am Legend.

In real life, German Shepherds have been the quintessential police dog, working alongside both heroic and monstrous authority figures. The force for good of the race was put on display after 9/11, 2001, as GSDs searched for survivors and today regularly sniff out explosives in public spaces. America’s first dog for the blind, Buddy, who went to work in 1928, was a German Shepherd, as were President and First Lady Biden’s dogs Champ and Major, the latter being the first rescue dog in reside in the White House.