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Do bark collars work on Great Pyrenees?

Written by Ariele Sieling

Barking Great Pyrenees-what a great idea! Pyrs are absolutely known for their endless barking. They are guard dogs and one of their main duties is to warn off predators.

Why did using shock collars work for us

Is this cruel? I would rather call it effective. Training with the shock collar, even for a very short period of time, ensured that we were able to bring Teddy on this month-long trip to southern Baja and back. She didn’t even bark in a hotel room and all our positive reinforcement training made her reliable in all her other behaviors. Even off leash around other guests in a nice hotel.

We didn’t achieve this incredible reliability through trauma training alone, of course, but rather through an endless program of positive reinforcement and deliberate, progressive socialization. I only use the shock collar for the behavior described here and end up having to apply incredibly few shocks. Right now, as we continue to work on Teddy’s focus around other dogs, I’d say I’m shocking her maybe once every two weeks. And simply wearing the collar is enough to completely stop her from barking. Teddy has learned that she shouldn’t bark when it’s on, so she doesn’t get corrections in that situation either.

DogRook Bark Collar for Small Medium Dogs – Anti Bark Collar for Dogs – Vibrating Dog Collar – Adjustable No Shock Bark Collar – 8-110 lbs – Blue Dog Collar

  • Bark Training: Our Cucumber Collars for Dogs teach your puppy to be relaxed and trusting instead of fearful. A non-traumatic dog bark collar offers a highly effective, painless bark training solution.
  • Vibration and Sound: The dog beeper collar combines 2 vibration settings and 7 sound levels to deliver progressive bark training. A vibrating dog collar provides instant, automatic feedback tailored to your dog.
  • Smart and sensitive: Our vibrating collar has a smart microphone that reacts only to your dog’s unique bark! The no-bark collar for dogs has 5 sensitivity levels that can be adjusted to match ambient noise.
  • Rechargeable and waterproof: The protective collar has a long battery life (up to 14 days) and is rain, snow and splash proof. This makes the vibrating dog collar suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • For pups of all shapes and sizes: our dog bark collars fit pups between 8 and 110 pounds. Wide dog collar is adjustable up to 22 inches.

    The bark collar for medium dogs, small dogs and large dogs comes with tip guards for long haired breeds.
  • Bark collar for small medium dogs with 7 sensitivity levels.
  • 3 beep and vibration training modes provide 64 kinds of training methods.
  • Protective function, two silicone sleeves can protect the dog’s skin.
  • IP67 waterproof bark collar that can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Bark collar rechargeable, charged in just 30 minutes and works for about 12 days.

Barking Reduction Ideas

Socialize, socialize, socialize. Let your pup experience the world around him and learn about different sources of stimulation. Socialization will allow him to determine what is «normal» in his world and what are potential sources of threat. Regardless of whether your pyre is 10 weeks old or 7 years old, socialization should take place. Dogs are most receptive to socialization as a puppy, but that doesn’t mean neglecting it at an older age. Great Pyrenees are naturally aloof so socialization will help prevent your Pyrenees from being suspicious of those around them.

Practice. Great Pyrenees have a relatively low activity requirement, but their exercise should not be pushed aside. A 30-60 minute brisk walk each day will help your pooch learn even more about the world and hopefully limit boredom barking. Great Pyrenees were bred to do work so they need opportunities to use that energy productively. Without proper exercise, pears will bark incessantly and/or become destructive.

Pros of GoodBoy Mini Bark Collar

  • Affordable at only $28.99
  • Humane and won’t hurt your dog (tixagb_141) (tixagb_141) & comes with instruction manual
  • Should fit most dogs with neck sizes 5″ to 19″
  • Uses tones and vibrations (no static correction)
  • sensitivity level
  • ) No «plugs»
  • Rechargeable battery and USB cable (just plug it in)
  • Waterproof, according to GoodBoy
  • «No questions asked» 30-day return policy

This collar is a good choice for you if you have a small or medium dog with a barking problem and want to try an affordable bark control collar. Order here.