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Do Blue Dobermans have blue eyes?

When most people talk about black Dobermans, they are referring to rusty black Dobermans. This is the most common coat color for Dobies seen in homes, dog shows, and breeding facilities.

However, all-black Dobermans are different from black and reddish. Due to a condition called melanism, these Dobermans have little to no rust-colored markings. The American Kennel Club does not recognize them as a true Doberman.

Rust (or tan) markings

In addition to the main coat color, this breed is known for its prominent rust (or tan) markings. Despite the different colors, almost all variations have these traditional markings. Some American-bred Dobermans even have a small white patch on their chest area.

  • American Doberman: According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), tan or rust markings should be well defined and appear above each eye, on the muzzle, throat, chest, on all four legs and feet, as well as a patch just below the tail. The American Doberman generally has lighter tan markings and may have a white patch on the chest. The white patch on the breast should not exceed a half square inch in size.
  • European Dobermans: According to the Federation Cynologique Internationale (AISBL), «tan» markings should be clearly defined and located on the muzzle, on the cheeks, and on top of each eyebrow. Markings must also appear on the throat, at two points on the chest, between the ankles and toes, on the feet, on the inside of the hind thigh, on the forearms, and under the tail. The European Doberman generally has darker rust colored markings.

    Essentially the markings are the same as the American Doberman but slightly darker. However, a small white spot is not considered the standard for Europeans.

The Blue Doberman Pinscher

One type of gene they can carry is called the Color Diluted gene, and it’s a recessive gene that dilutes the color of a black Doberman and makes it appear Being blue can also affect a red pup and make it look fawn. Have you ever seen one of these? Well, keep reading and you’ll learn about seven things you didn’t know about Blue Dobermans.

Most people know Dobermans. They are good looking black and tan dogs known to be super watchdogs. However, not many people know about the blue variety. It is a color variation of the Doberman breed. They’re not blue so don’t look like a smurf lol. This use of the word blue just means that the standard black color is watered down. They really do look gray and it catches the eye of many people who want a Doberman with unusual coloring.

When dobermans have blue eyes

Doberman pinschers, also called dobies, have blue eyes for three main reasons.

They are puppies less than seventeen weeks old, are white in color, or have an eye problem that makes all or part of the eye turn blue.

What is your favorite Doberman color?


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