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Do Dobermans get along with other Dobermans?

When trying to pair another dog with your Doberman, it’s a good idea to consider a dog of the opposite sex. A dog of the opposite sex will get along better with your Doberman than a dog of the same sex.

However, in the event that same-sex dogs are a must, we suggest that you mate another bitch to your female Doberman and ensure that the two dogs have a good age difference between them.

Are Dobermans good with small dogs?

A well-trained and socialized Doberman is likely to get along with most small dogs. Dobermans are generally a kind and gentle dog.

The main problem can occur if the small dog suffers from small dog syndrome. This is when a small dog thinks that he is much bigger and tries to dominate a bigger dog. Many of the Terrier breeds can fit into this category.

Dobermans with other animals

Any pet your Doberman is used to, or better yet, grew up with, should be fine. However, problems arise when you introduce an adult dog to a small furry pet. Large barnyard animals may be fine, but you will need to keep a close eye on your dog initially. If he seems fearful or protective of you when he’s around the animal (this can be the case with very large animals, like horses, for example), it could spell disaster.

With other dogs: Dobermans generally get along well with other dogs in the home of the opposite sex. If you must have two dogs of the same sex in the home, females generally seem to do better with other females. However, two male Dobermans, or even a male Doberman and a male of any other breed, can be a difficult situation.

Dobermans get along well with each other

Getting a second dog can be challenging, especially if the two breeds have slightly different temperaments and behaviors. As I mentioned at the beginning, in the dog world, opposites don’t usually attract, so having matching temperaments is the key to a good relationship.

Although each Doberman is different, they are still much more similar to each other than a completely different breed. This means that most of the time, two Dobermans will click much sooner and better than another breed.

Increase the stimulus levels of others.

Due to their high level of activity, Dobermans must receive mental and physical stimulation to be happy. Having two cute Dobermans together has the added benefit of greatly enhancing your ability to have fun and wear each other out.

Two dogs stay physically and intellectually engaged by playing in the backyard and walking the dogs. While also engaging in social interactions with other dogs.