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Do German Shepherds Run Away?

If the German Shepherd is looking for a mate, then he may run away. This is more common with females in heat. They put a lot of energy into running away and being with a potential mate. If a male is near a female in heat, this will make the male dog want to run away as well. Neutering a male dog or spaying a bitch can reduce the likelihood of this problem.

You have to be especially careful of this during the 4th of July. There are many explosions and it is a situation the dog is not used to. Thunderstorms can also startle your German Shepherd, causing him to run away. There are stories of German Shepherds even jumping out of windows due to the fear these explosions can cause. Being close to your dog, making sure the dog understands you are there will help you with that.

Reasons why training a German Shepherd is worthwhile

There are many reasons why it is worth putting in the effort to prevent your German Shepherd from wanting to run away. These include:

  • Safety – A running dog could be involved in a car accident.
  • More pleasant and easier walks with a calmer and more predictable dog.
  • Less stress when walking and also at home when you have guests in the house.
  • An easier time at the vets for both you and your dog.
  • Instilling discipline, preventing bad behavior and creating the right relationship with your dog will make that relationship more positive and rewarding.

Why doesn’t my German Shepherd come when he is called?

Imagine your dog running towards you with so much excitement when you call him!

The main reason why your German Shepherd doesn’t come when you call him is because you missed some steps during training, you called him to you to punish him, he is undertrained, there are too many distractions, and coming to you means you interrupt his fun.


German Shepherds don’t need their coat trimmed, but that doesn’t mean that keeping all that fur isn’t a bit of a chore. German Shepherds have dense, fluffy double coats that they can shed a lot, especially seasonally.

German Shepherds were never designed to be pets. While many German Shepherds can and do live happy lives as pets, they only do well in homes that offer plenty of activity and engagement.

The recall method: cover widely spaced areas and call your dog

The recall method works best if the area where your German Shepherd is lost has a defined boundary and it space It is small enough to be covered on foot in one day. The idea is to make sure you anchor inaccessible spots throughout the park, neighborhood, or gated community, and call your dog.

You don’t have to be visible at every point as your voice covers a larger area. You need to call your German Shepherd name and listen for barking noises for the recall method.