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Do Pomeranians really smile?

So how much should you feed your Pomeranian? Your veterinarian should always be your first resource for answering this question, as the amount will vary based on age, weight, and other factors. However, a general rule of thumb is about ½ cup of high quality kibble per pound of weight. This will be your total for the day, so it should be spaced between feedings.

Dogs smile at other dogs

Humans smile at other humans as a way of communicating happiness or kindness.

Sometimes we greet people with a smile to be friendly.

Bringing home the happiest dog

9 years ago, Tina Denlinger and her husband lost their Golden Retriever. They wanted another dog so their Corgi mix could still have a mate, and they saw that Chevy was looking for a new home. The Pomeranian puppy was living with a bunch of Dachshunds who didn’t get along with him, so the Denlingers brought him home.

The Kettering, Ohio couple knew right away that their new dog was special. He had the sweetest expression that always seemed to be smiling, especially when he was doing something he loved. Soon, he became known for his precious smile.


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STEPHEN MARTIN is a retired hybrid doctor, smiling and affable, an endangered species.

Toy Poodle

Described by the American Kennel Club as “proud, active and very intelligent”, the Poodle – in this case the Toy size – is full of surprises. Upon initially meeting one, the Toy Poodle may seem like just another pretty face, but they rank right up there with Border Collies and German Shepherds in the brain department.

But let’s be honest, nothing says «posh» quite like a Poodle, possibly because we’ve all had years of being conditioned by cartoons to associate Poodles with high-class women and fancy haircuts. So don’t be surprised if your neighbors tend to behave around you. With a Poodle by your side, you can’t blame people for thinking you need to be impressed.