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Do Shar Peis like to cuddle?

Shar pei loves to be as close to their favorite humans as possible and will climb onto your lap, or snuggle right up to you and rest their head on your neck.

Try using a compression sleeve (available in many sizes and fits the Shar Pei)

Many dogs are comforted by the feeling of being across their body their One popular product that many people have had success with is the Thundershirt (available on Amazon). The product applies a gentle, soothing pressure that is very reassuring for many puppies. The company claims that the product is beneficial for about 80% of the dogs that tried it. It can be used to help calm your Shar pei during fireworks, thunder, separation, travel or vet visits, with no training and no medication.


Bloodhounds are invaluable to police officers around the world due to their sense of smell and athleticism. These qualities have helped them in their efforts to solve numerous missing persons cases and even helped a few particularly protective parents over the years. But with these gifts and instincts comes another dog with a strong sense of independence.

They don’t expect to be hugged and don’t like cuddling. Bloodhounds, while loyal, do not become particularly cuddly or sensitive. At most they will show affection by laying down near you or near your feet, but they will not molest you.

How do dogs show love and affection?

Dogs show their affection in their own way. This can vary depending on age, personality and also the type of dog breed. Each species has its own special way of showing love. At first we were devastated when our sweet little bundle of love, known as Miss Puppy, wanted to avoid our cuddles and tummies. The little miss simply prefers to play with us and sleep in our arms. Belly rub, back scratch, expert behind the ear…this is not her personal preference. Some dogs are very cuddly and can sometimes even become like overly attached family members, while others are much more reserved. Let’s look at some of the main groups of dog breeds and their different ways of showing love and affection. Maybe this can help you figure things out. There are some tips on how to express your love to your dog (yes, love is a two-way street, let’s not forget that!).

Asian breeds such as Akita, Chow Chow and Shar-Pei are guard dogs. These dog breeds are suspicious and independent in nature. Their way of showing love is to stand by their master’s side. They can seem aloof as they like their own space and don’t like to lay on their men.

Also known as…

Sand skin (literal translation). Cantonese Shar-Pei. wrinkled face. «Someone should take the dog to the vet!» His face has been stung by bees!” “No, that’s just what he looks like.”

The history of the Shar-Pei goes back to 200 BC. with the Han Dynasty. The Shar-Pei originated in the southern regions of China and was bred and kept by farmers who wanted to protect their livestock. The puppies have many jobs on the farm, mainly hunter, shepherd and protector.