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Do Shar Peis shed? Here’s what you need to know

Keeping your Shar-Pei’s coat in top condition is crucial for both hygiene and comfort reasons. You owe it to your dog to take care of his coat.

Sometimes, even with regular grooming and maintenance, the coat can look dull and unkempt. In this condition, it is probably an indication of poor general health. Active monitoring and inspection of the coat, all over the body, should occur regularly.

Why are Shar Peis considered seasonal shedding?

Do Shar Peis loose?

With seasonal shedding, you can easily guess that your Shar Peis is going to shed a lot during shedding season. In fact, due to temperature fluctuations and seasonal changes, your Shar Peis will shed. It’s completely normal for dogs because shedding helps them regulate their body temperature according to seasonal changes. If your dog is shedding in some months very aggressively but in some months not so much it is quite obvious that they are going through his seasonal days. During the fall season, you may experience constant shedding because they need to make room for new hair growth that will keep them warm and beautiful through the winter. The same applies to the summer. In the spring months, they will shed again so that the coat can become thinner to keep the body cool during the summer. So it stands to reason that every dog ​​breed needs to shed to regulate their body temperature. Let me tell you that there is nothing you can do to prevent Shar Peis from shedding completely but there are some tips that can really help you keep the shedding to a minimum and that will be covered in this article in a few paragraphs. But before that, let’s learn what are the factors that can affect the amount of shedding.

Main characteristics of the Shar-Pei

The appearance of the Chinese Shar-Pei is unmistakable. Head and body shape, deep wrinkles and darkened nose and muzzle are characteristic features of this ancient breed.

The coat can be any color or sable. The coarse, short coat is the source of the Shar-Pei name, which means «sandskin» or «sandpaper» coat.

Related Questions

Chinese Shar-Peis shed at least most of the time, but twice a year in the spring and fall they shed more hair than usual. So overall they are considered average pours.

You can’t stop any dog ​​from shedding completely, it’s a normal occurrence where the old hair falls out and new hair replaces it. However, shedding can be reduced and the best way to do this is by brushing regularly.