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Do the Pyrenees have night vision?

HAVE YOU ENTERED OUR GIVEAWAY?!? DO IT NOW!!! Then come back and read about the Great Pyrenees, please.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Klondike, the beautiful white dog in yesterday’s post, is a Great Pyrenees, also known as a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. I’ve been saying for a long time that I’d like our next dog to be a Great Pyr, along with a house in the country, more land, lots of chickens and a few goats… and I realized that Great Pyrenees have never been shown. here as gender of the week. WHAT?! And that is.


The Pyrenees is one of the healthiest giant breeds and often lives 10 to 13 years in a safe home. I’ve heard of some pygmies making it to 15 years, which is pretty amazing for a giant breed.

Pyrs tend to have few health concerns, but osteosarcoma and bloat are the most lethal to the breed. Hip and spine problems are also quite common, especially as they get older. Allergies are often a problem for dogs, so more attention needs to be paid to their environment and nutrition.

Reason – Sleep Patterns

Despite their reputation, Great Pyrenees dogs actually have a more «daylight» sleep pattern. They do sleep a lot, but most of the time they are rested and dozing both during the day and at night.


These white, friendly babies come in all sizes and colors. Although the Great Pyrenees breed is famous for its luxurious white outer coat, there is a range of colors and different combinations of them to choose from!

Most of the dog breeds range from white to cream in color, but some tend to have markings and spots of different colors on their bodies. Some Great Pyrenees have gray, maroon, dark brown or brown markings on their tail, head, ears or other prominent body parts.

Start with the head

For this weekly session, start your inspection with the dog’s head. If the eyes tear too much (and on white dogs this red/brown spot is unattractive) they may need attention. Check the ears. If there is black discharge and a bad smell, ear cancer/ear mites may be starting. Any such finding, when treated early, can forestall serious problems. Healthy ears can be cleaned with cotton and alcohol. Long hair (eyebrows) over the eyes should be trimmed. This prevents them from growing into the eye.

Toenails must always be short enough to clear the ground, a good foot can be ruined by nails that are too long as the pressure of the nails on the ground causes the toes to stretch out. Nails can be trimmed with nail clippers or a high-speed grinder. If you make nail trimming a weekly ritual, you won’t have any problems. If the nails grow out, they must be brought back to where they should be. Always check the dewclaws (single front, double rear) and keep them trimmed. These tend to curl as they grow and can grow into the dog’s leg and become painful.