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Doberman pants?

Our question this week was:

What are the normal vital signs of a dog?

Inflammation of the vulvar region

Inflammation of the vulvar region in a Doberman is the earliest and one of the most consistent signs that a female Doberman is beginning her cycle of heat The vulva is the outermost portion of the female reproductive organs and is located just below the anus. Includes the opening of the vagina. In Dobermans, the vulva will get larger and may also appear red in color. This usually happens just before her Doberman comes into heat.

Another of the most common physical signs that a Doberman is coming into heat is a bloody discharge from the bitch’s vulva. After your Doberman has entered her heat cycle, this bleeding may lessen.

Abnormal Panting

The more time you spend with your dog, the easier it will be to tell the difference between normal and abnormal panting. In general, abnormal panting is described as more intense panting than usual. That’s a vague definition, and it can be different for each dog. Brachycephalic breeds like Pugs and Shih Tzus, for example, have shorter nostrils that can restrict airflow and cause panting. Overweight dogs also have neck fat that puts pressure on their airways, which can make breathing difficult. It is recommended to observe your dog during regular exercise to gauge her normal level of panting. Panting that is especially intense is considered abnormal.

In addition to the energy involved in panting, the situational context can also help determine whether it is normal or not. Panting for no apparent reason is a sign that something is not right. A dog shouldn’t be panting if he’s spent the last few hours relaxing in an air-conditioned room.

What causes congestive heart failure?

There are different reasons why your dog might have developed this condition. The most common cause is a leaky or degenerative heart valve, which is common in small breed dogs as they age. Certain breeds are also predisposed to heart disease, such as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Doberman, Boxer, and other giant breeds.

The other cause, but not as common, is congenital heart defects and are often detected at puppy visits. Recently there has also been a link between grain-free dog foods and certain types of heart disease (dilatory cardiomyopathy) and while we don’t know the exact cause, we don’t recommend grain-free diets for dogs.

Help your Doberman handle the heat with these tips.

  • Move it to a shady spot or indoors. Don’t assume that he himself will know how to stay out of the sun or stop over-exercising.
  • Use a spray bottle and spray it with water
  • Use fans to direct the breeze towards your dog
  • Buy a cooling pad/cool vest or wet a towel and have your the dog lies on it.
  • Apply wet washcloths or towels to his body or a damp scarf to his neck
  • Place an ice pack or bag of frozen peas on your dog’s neck
  • Yes No If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, put your dog in an air-conditioned car. Stay with him and make the wind go towards his body.
  • Get a kiddie pool
  • Put ice cubes in your dog’s water dish
  • Put ice cubes inside a kong toy
  • Place ice packs in the armpits and groin where the main blood vessels are located.
  • Give your dog ice cubes to lick or make special frozen dog treats
      • Monitor your dog’s breathing and heart and prepare to give artificial respiration and CPR.