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Dobermans are aggressive with Reddit?

Doberman Pinchers, also known as Dobies, are fearless and loyal working dogs with a sleek, muscular appearance. With a history in Germany, Dobermans have worked in a variety of fields and even served as the official war dog for the US Marine Corps during World War II. Due to their tough appearance and history with the military and law enforcement, this breed has a reputation as a fierce watchdog, but today, Dobies can be incredibly friendly and love to be around their people.

Dobermans were originally developed in Germany in the late 19th century by a tax collector named Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann and it is presumed that he created the Dobie by crossing breeds such as German Pinschers, Rottweilers, Manchester Terriers and Greyhounds together. Dobermann also worked part-time as a night watchman and dog catcher. The nature of all his work had him concerned for his safety and therefore Dobermann set out to create a breed of dog that had the grit and drive to rise to any challenge. Eventually, Dobies developed into the formidable watchdog they are known as today.

How Dobermans were bred to protect

Yes, the Doberman breed is man-made. In fact, they are a fairly recent creation, only coming into existence just over a hundred years ago. Understanding why and how they were created will shed light on why they behave the way they do. It’s simply in your genetics!

At the end of the 19th century, Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann lived in Apolda, Germany. He had at least two jobs at the time. He was the town tax collector (a rather unpopular position) and ran the local kennel where he had access to dogs of many different breeds. Louis decided that he needed a dog to accompany him on his rounds around town collecting taxes for his own safety. Louis set out to produce the perfect dog for personal protection through selective breeding. He did this using various dogs that he had access to at the pound.

Don’t let her taste the blood because she will like it and she will become biting.

Lola’s brother RJ with his best friend

Here’s how Reddit responded to her post:

Source: r /AmItheAsshole

Source: r/AmItheAsshole

They may look similar, but dogs are not wolves

The dominance theory is based on a study conducted in the decades of 1930s and 1940s by a Swiss behaviorist named Rudolph Schenkel, who studied the behavior of captive wolves. From his observations, Schenkel concluded that the wolves constantly competed to see who would outrank the others in the group’s social hierarchy. The «winner» was the alpha wolf, who commanded the greatest respect and aggressively held everyone else at bay.

The problem is that wolves in captivity behave very differently from wild wolves. Wild wolf packs generally consist of a mated pair and their offspring; the pack may also include 2-3 other wolf families. Rather than being competitive, the pack works together to hunt and care for the young, and there is very little aggression within the pack. When young wolves grow up, like human children, they eventually leave the pack to start families of their own.