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Does a Pomeranian dog look like?

The Pomsky is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Husky. What is a Pomeranian, you ask? It is a small, cute and playful dog known to be great with children. The Husky is the wolf of North America and is a brave and tenacious dog that loves the cold and loves to run.

And if we talk about food, what does a Pomeranian eat and how often?

As we have already said, the Pomeranian Dog breed is a mini or toy dog ​​breed and, like most of these breeds, its metabolism is very fast. This means that their stomach is also small and they need to eat small amounts of food, but more often. Therefore, it is necessary that you provide your Pomeranian dog with a type of food that contains adequate protein nutrients and calories, but with an adequate size for the characteristics of its small mouth.

The Pomeranian breed is considered delicate. If you buy your puppy from a responsible breeder, we can guarantee the health of your Pomeranian baby, but you should bear in mind that this breed has a certain predisposition to suffer from joint problems. However, you shouldn’t worry as long as you keep your new friend from trying too hard.

History of the Pomeranian Dog Breed

The Pomeranian originated in the arctic region. While a Pom is a small dog, its history is long. Pomeranian ancestors were suited to surviving in icy habitats.

Your ancestors were created for work and evolved to adapt to living in extremely cold climates.

Today’s Pomeranians are bred and built to be loved and adored, but they must still retain the traits of their ancestors.

What is a Pomeranian?

The Pomeranian is a cute toy dog ​​breed. They have angular faces, long noses and pointed ears. They are also packed with personality. This spirited dog is energetic, feisty and friendly. They are not pocket pets despite their size. And they’d rather be chasing a ball than carrying around in a backpack.

  • Popularity: No. 22 on the AKC Most Popular Breeds List
  • Purpose: Companion Animal
  • Weight: 3-7lb
  • Temperament: Stubborn, spirited and lively

Type and coat color

Pomeranian puppies have a unique coat, soft and silky to the touch. However, adult Pomeranians have a double coat with a dense undercoat and an overcoat of protective fur.

As I mentioned, Pomeranian dogs come in a variety of colors and patterns. The breed standard allows for all variations and judges them equally.