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How do border collies fly?

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Emotional Support Dog vs. Psychiatric Service Dog: What’s the Difference?

While both emotional support dogs and psychiatric service dogs provide support to their owners, only a psychiatric service dog is a recognized service animal. These dogs undergo specialized task training and have federally protected rights, such as the right to accompany their owner anywhere, including businesses, schools, pet-friendly housing, on airplanes, etc. They learn specific tasks to help their owner. Emotional support dogs and others do not go through task training, so they are just pets that provide comfort to their owner like all pets do. To get a psychiatric service dog, you must be diagnosed with a disability and be prescribed a service dog that you will work with a trainer to train or train yourself, although we recommend working with a professional.

Which airline will accept a border collie?

Before booking your flight ticket, it is important to check if the airline accepts dogs. In fact, some companies like Easyjet, Ryan Air do not accept dogs. Others limit the number of animals allowed on flights. Other companies will have age and destination requirements (See our study: The best airline to travel with a Border Collie). Dog breeds are also taken into account. For example, small-nosed breeds are not allowed by many airlines, and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation recommends against flying.

Therefore, it is recommended to check directly with the company to see if they will accept your Border Collie and under what conditions.


Border collies are medium sized dogs with an average size between 18-22 inches, with males tending to be larger than females.

Like most animals, the scales of male and female colliums differ slightly. On average, a female Border Collie weighs between 26 and 41 pounds. A male Border Collie, on the other hand, typically weighs between 30 and 44 pounds.