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How do I get my Australian Shepherd to stop chewing?

If your beloved Aussie is already chewing on your shoes or other unapproved items, this can be fixed and, in most cases, changed.

I recommend starting by making a plan. Use the guidance and ideas below to experiment and make small systematic changes over time in a variety of areas: chew toys, interaction/bonding, exercise, mental stimulation, and utility (give your dog work!).

Passive and Defeated

Some dogs are very passive and will respond to you in a very defeated way. Your dog may stand in line all the time, just out of fear, but he will never trust you.

Other dogs have a more stubborn streak, and because they feel threatened by you, they may try to unseat you as the one in charge. Dogs are pack animals, and if your dog thinks he should be the leader, you may have a lot of behavior problems big and small.

What causes dogs to bite and nibble?

Dogs can become aggressive and lash out resulting in a bite. However, there are several types of aggressive bites that can be caused by many different things. Aggression isn’t just the result of your dog being angry. It can also be caused by things like fear, frustration, or vigilance behavior.

Learn the signs to look out for that your dog’s herding instinct is about to lead to nibbling and biting.

Train your Aussie not to bite

You have established the relationship with your dog and you have exercised it.

You covered the basics. Now is the time to get to some more serious training. Training is the solution to most dog problems, including biting.

If you want your puppy to behave, you need to create a development program. You need to decide what you want your puppy to do at a certain age.

Lots of interaction with your Aussie

One of the best ways to prevent your Australian Shepherd from chewing is to give him plenty of attention and interaction. Dogs left alone for long periods of time often become bored and destructive. Make sure you spend at least 30 minutes a day playing or exercising with your dog. This will help bring them out and relieve any pent up energy or boredom.

Obedience training is another great way to prevent your Australian Shepherd from biting. Dogs that are well trained are less likely to engage in destructive behavior. Begin obedience training as soon as possible and be consistent with your commands.