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How do you make a border collie?

The Border Collie’s high trainability makes it an excellent search and rescue dog as well as herding. Some of this herd nature comes into play in a search and rescue mission. Their desire to please humans and their amazing noses make Border Collies an ideal search and rescue dog. You can start training your Border Collie puppy for search and rescue roles quite early.

The most famous color for the Border Collie is black and white. However, the AKC recognizes many more colors and markings. Black, Blue, Blue Merle, Brindle, Gold, Lilac, Red, Sable and Saddleback Sable are just a few of the many standard colors recognized in the Border Collie. Brown and various white markings are accepted markings. Essentially, you can find a Border Collie in any color or marking you want.


If you are getting a border collie, you have probably seen one of the thousands of great herding videos on Youtube.

The often silent interaction between the dog and the handler is amazing to witness. It is what many would consider the ultimate proof of the strong bond between dog and owner.

Types of Service Dogs

There are many different types of service dogs for different disabilities. Service dogs can help with nerve damage, paralysis, spinal cord injury, blindness and more. While some disorders are physical, some are mental, such as attention deficit disorder, autism, brain injury, autism, etc.

Service dogs help their handlers with many tasks, but there are a few main types of service dogs that we will cover in this article.

Service Dog: Service dog is the most common breed and is the broadest category. A service animal can help with many things, but in this category it is usually young people who offer help with physical disabilities or impairments. They play a big part in the lives of their owners. Some common types of service dogs include Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever and Collie.


As with most animals, the weight scale of male and female collies is slightly different. On average, a female Border Collie weighs between 26 and 41 pounds. A male Border Collie, on the other hand, typically weighs between 30 and 44 pounds.

The Border Collie comes in both rough and smooth coat varieties. In both cases, the coats are double, the undercoat being softer and the outer coat being rougher. Compared to the rough-skinned type, smooth skin is usually shorter and rougher in texture.

C. Thinking

One of the best ways to learn how to keep Border Collies busy is by engaging the brain.

Since dogs have to think through a problem, they blow through tons of energy.