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How is an angry Pomeranian?

Poms are affectionate and very loving, so if you want a dog that loves cuddles, look no further. Since they are so small, they will want to be in your lap at all times. Even with their small stature they will think they are guard dogs and will alert you to any noise or movement they detect. If you have neighbors nearby, your barking Pom could cause problems.

Training is often required for Poms and patience will be required during all sessions. As docile as these dogs are, they can also be stubborn. The life expectancy of a Pomeranian is 15 to 20 years. When you get that dog, you’re making a commitment that could last two decades. Making sure you bring this dog into your life is extremely important before making the decision to do so.

Final thoughts

While there are enough movie clips of angry Pomeranians, vicious behavior is not a very common character trait for the breed.

Several factors are at play when a Pomeranian appears to be attacking a lot.

While it may be the case that their tendency to bark is misexplained, more often than not it is poor socialization that exaggerates this already present character trait. Add a high chance of losing the genetic lottery because of backyard breeding to the mix, and there’s the Pomeranian raging.

How can I calm my Pomeranian anger issues?

Some people question whether an aggressive dog is mentally ill or is dealing with mental health issues to the point where they cannot be resolved. This type of thinking is particularly common among older, adopted Poms.

The answer to the question “Can this problem be fixed?” it depends.

History of the Pomeranian Breed ♜

Why does the Pomeranian look so much like a fox? When did they get so small? And can the name Pomeranian tell us something about the origins of this breed?

Let’s start with this puppy’s look. In appearance, the Pomeranian is not much like other lap dogs that have been popular with European royalty for centuries. In fact, they look more like miniature foxes or wolves than the highly esteemed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Bichon Frize.

Pomeranian Health Problems

If your Pomeranian is usually well-behaved, but one day he suddenly becomes aggressive, it could be because he has a health problem.

If he feels pain he will snarl, snarl, bite or possibly bite his loving owners because he has no other way to tell he has a problem. If he feels vulnerable, he will throw away anyone he believes will threaten him while he is weak.