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How long do lab border collie mixes live?

While Labradors are seen with solid yellow, brown, or black fur, this mix often takes on the distinctive bi- or tri-color Border Collie. You could also end up with a beautiful black Lab Border Collie mix. Black is the dominant coat color and therefore the black Lab Border Collie mix is ​​one of the most common colors. This can be a plain form, or a two-tone pattern, such as a white and black Lab Border Collie mix.

The Border Collie parent can have long or short fur. Labs will have short dense fur. Your Borador blend could be anywhere in between. Both parent dogs are known to shed year-round and heavily in warmer seasons. So, expect to find lots of fur around your home if you have one.

How are Boradors different from purebred dogs?

The term «crossbreed» refers to dogs that have been deliberately created by mixing two pure breeds. The term is not generally applied to accidents, but specifically to these designer dogs that are emerging.

However, it is important to distinguish between breeds and pure breeds. Pure breeds tend to share physical and character traits in a very predictable way, making it possible to define the breed.

When it comes to dog generations, however, there is less consistency in how traits appear. So, there is no definition of «true to breed» with crossbreeds.

Borador health certificate

Asking for a health certificate is also a good way to judge a breeder’s respectability. If they don’t give you a health certificate for either the puppy or its parents, you should just walk away.

It is also a good idea to ask to see the cub’s litter and parents in person. The rule of thumb is to always choose a «middle» puppy from the litter – neither the smallest and weakest cub nor the largest and dominant.


Border collie Labs can come in a variety of different colors and their coats are usually a mix of their parents’ coats and colors. There are yellow, brown, black and fawn Labrador retrievers, but border collies come in many different colors and markings.

Most Border Labs have brown, black or brown coats and white markings like their border collie parent. The amount of white fur varies greatly from one Borador to another, with some dogs having a completely solid coat and others having a few white markings.

Lab & Border Collie Mix Coat and Colors

For hair, this mixed breed has a long and soft, glossy double coat, just like their Border Collie and Labrador parents.

If you’re wondering if the Border-Lab mix is ​​spilled, they are but not as much. Both the Labrador Retriever and Border Collie shed year-round, so this mixed breed is not hypoallergenic.