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How much should a Shih Tzu pay?

We have discussed the average weight and height of the Shih Tzu in adulthood. But what about newborns? Newborn pups weigh around 1.25 pounds.

The AKC standard for a ring-ready Shih Tzu is around 16 pounds. However, if your Shih Tzu is a house pet, you can safely keep him up to 18 pounds.

Shih Tzu Size by Age Predictions

Shih Tzus are well known for being the perfect lap dogs. They are small, fluffy, chubby, and absolutely adorable. In general, the full-grown Shih Tzu can range from 9 to 16 pounds. They typically measure 8 to 11 inches from the shoulder blades. The perfect cuddly companion!

The easiest way to estimate how big your Shih Tzu puppy will be once he grows up is to look at his parents. Of course, this is not an option if you have adopted your pup from a shelter. However, any responsible breeder will be able to tell you more about the parents of your future relative and advise you on their adult size. Additionally, grandparents will also affect the adult size of your Shih Tzu.

Shih Tzu Size

Shih Tzus are small dogs that generally weigh between 9 and 16 pounds when fully grown. However, the weight of a Shih Tzu will be influenced by the size of the parents, how much the dog eats, and how much exercise it gets.

You can help your Shih Tzu maintain a healthy weight by limiting treats and making sure your pet gets exercise every day. Interestingly, there is little difference between the adult weights of male and female Shih. This is something unique about Shih Tzus compared to other dog breeds.

Many Shih Tzus reach their adult height and weight by one year of age. Weight Chart 3 months 6 months 12 months Shih Tzu male and female 3.9-7 pounds 7.1-12.6 pounds 8.8-15.9 pounds The height of a standard Shih Tzu when fully grown, regardless of gender, is 8-11 inches tall when He is standing, from the ground to the cross. Shih Tzus reach their full adult height between 6 and 8 months of age.

How Shih Tzus Grow

As with toy breeds, small breeds like Shih Tzus tend to be fully grown within their first year. For most shih tzus, the height and weight they reach by the time they are ten months old is about the size they will reach. There are exceptions where some will add a small amount of weight or height at the twelve or even fifteen month stage.

Although there is no ideal weight chart that applies to all shih tzus, it can be said that after four weeks a shih tzu puppy will have 10% of its adult weight. This is a good time to weigh your shih tzu to get a rough estimate of what he will weigh when he is fully grown. Because they are small dogs, they will reach their full size faster compared to larger breeds.


Perhaps the main indicator of the weight and size of a Shih Tzu puppy are the parents and the maternal and paternal grandparents, since genetics are always carried forward.

If a Shih Tzu puppy comes from a lineage that is consistently in a certain weight range, with reliability observed at around five generations, then expect the puppy to be in that size range once it is born. mature.