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How much should my Doberman weigh?

While the table above will show you the approximate range of weights a Doberman is likely to be at a given age, the table below will show you what the average weight (or Ā«averageĀ» weight) is at a given age. Your dog may be above or below this, and that’s okay, these are just averages so she can better understand her growth pattern.

The average adult male Doberman weighs approximately 88 pounds and the average adult female Doberman weighs approximately 75 pounds.

Doberman Growth Chart: What to Expect

A newborn Doberman puppy is very small, weighing approximately 10-20 oz. They are born with their eyes and ears closed. They nurse every hour or two and grow very fast for the first two weeks.

After three to five days, the vet will dock the tails as Dobermans have long, thin tails that are easily damaged. The two small spurs are usually removed as well.

Doberman puppy: Puppy years (months) 101

Although they are fairly large dogs, newborn Doberman puppies are quite small. They weigh between 10 and 20 ounces. Their eyes and ears are closed at birth and they nurse every hour or two.

Is a Doberman a medium sized dog?

The Doberman Pinscher is a medium to large breed that is classified in the Working Group by the AKC. As the Doberman Pinscher is very athletic and has high energy levels, they will do better in a more spacious home where they have plenty of room to move.

To conclude, the Doberman Pinscher is a beautiful medium to large sized dog that could easily qualify as a professional athlete. Thanks to their super high energy levels, this breed is best suited for people who are very active. If he’s up to the task, a Doberman Pinscher is sure to become his most loyal and loving companion. We hope you’ve gained new insights into Doberman Pinscher size, growth patterns, and how you can predict your puppy’s adult size.

Weight growth of a male and female Doberman from 2 months to 1 year

Months Male Doberman puppy Female Doberman puppy 2 months 19 lbs 17 lbs 3 months 30 lbs 26 lbs 4 months 40 lbs 34 lbs 5 months 49 lbs 43 lbs 6 months 59 lbs 50 lbs 7 months 65 lbs 56 lbs 8 months 70 lbs 60 lbs 9 months 75 lbs 65 lbs 10 months 79 lbs 68 lbs 11 months 81 lbs 70 lbs 1 year 84 lbs 72 lbs

This weight chart is more accurate for a Doberman Pinscher and can be used as a reference for European Dobermans (since they have a thicker build).