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How to cut the top of a Shih Tzu’s head?

Proper techniques for clipping your Shih Tzu’s hair

The Shih Tzu is a great family dog ​​with a loving personality. He describes them as very lively, alert, loyal, and affectionate. They love their humans and children equally, being very brave and playful. The shih tzu is a furry little bundle of joy that requires a lot of grooming as their hair continually grows. As a pet owner, you should brush and comb your dog daily to prevent tangles and snarling. When the hair starts to get too long, a haircut will be necessary. With practice, you may become comfortable using electric clippers to trim your shih Tzu’s hair. The staff and professionals at your local Rockford Petsmart at 6320 East State Street or Petco at 6305 East State Street can help you with grooming tips and all the proper grooming supplies they can provide. The following are the steps on how to use clippers to trim your shih tzu’s hair.

# Shih Tzu Puppy Cut

Hate seeing your pup suffer during hot weather? This extremely popular short crop is ideal for summer or for dogs like Shih Tzu with a double coat, who live in hot climates to prevent loose hair from becoming trapped between the undercoat and outer coat. Trapped hair can lead to trapped moisture causing skin irritation or other serious skin conditions. Also fleas and ticks like finding these trapped hairs and an ideal place to hide!

Clean these puppy eyes

Whatever breed of dog you have, you need to clean their eyes and check for eye problems. However, the Shih Tzu needs more eye care because its large, bulging eyes are more prone to excessive tearing, which could lead to tear staining and bacterial infections as well. Eye spots, in particular, are common in small dogs.

So, moisten a cotton ball and use it to gently remove any mucus, dried tears, or debris around the shih Tzu’s eye area.

While you’re at it, cleanse the entire face. Repeat until there is nothing to clean, then dry. Remember to do this step every day or every other day.

Shih Tzu Puppy Haircut

Often known as the summer cut, it is quite common with Shih Tzus during the summer months. The hair is trimmed to approximately one to two inches all over the body except for the face where the hair remains longest. Many Shih Tzu owners like the Summer Cut because it requires less brushing and maintenance compared to other cuts.

This one is generally reserved for Shih Tzu owners who like to enter their dogs in dog shows. That’s because it’s the flashiest, but it also requires a considerable amount of maintenance. This extremely long style means that the hair flows down past the feet, making the Shih Tzu appear to float when moving. However, it also requires brushing several times a day to prevent tangles from forming.

Which of all the Shih Tzu grooming styles requires the least maintenance?

Shih Tzus can always get a ‘puppy cut’ if you are concerned about maintenance. In fact, some call it the ‘summer cut’ because it’s relatively short and helps puppies beat the heat in the summer. Generally, the undercut is 1-2 inches across the body. Any cuts will still need some attention, with frequent brushing necessary.

However, because the hair is short, it is less likely to tangle or collect dirt than longer styles.