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How to greet a German Shepherd?

I’ve always loved dogs, but never considered myself a dog until my girlfriend, Casey, moved in with her dog Daisy. It didn’t take long for me to warm to her and realize that I needed my best friend.

Make eye contact: look into your German Shepherd’s eyes

This person knows the exact language to say to their dog: «I love you».

Sometimes staring into a dog’s eyes can be seen as dominant, but when done with affection and gentle petting can increase the German Shepherd’s bond.

German Shepherds on TV

Brandy in After Life — Well over 70 million viewers have seen a German Shepherd named Anti star opposite comedian/animal advocate Ricky Gervais in the British drama series.

Bullet — The real-life furry pup of the King of the Cowboys and his wife Dale Evans, Bullet The Wonder Dog co-starred with his famous pet parents on The Roy Rogers Show, which aired from 1951 to 1957.


How to greet German shepherds correctly to avoid misunderstandings?

Remember to always approach a dog calmly and confidently, and only with the owner’s permission.

It’s also a good idea to offer your hand for a sniff test before petting a dog.

Make sure your German Shepherd trainer…

  • teaches you more than the dog: a German Shepherd trainer knows how intelligent the dog he is working with is. They know a German Shepherd will figure out how to scare away everything he can and they will test each person to see where the boundaries are set. The best dog trainers focus on teaching their human clients how to understand their German Shepherd’s behavior and how to effectively set and communicate clear boundaries.
  • Use modern techniques backed by science German Shepherds are so intelligent that their intelligence can make them a challenge to train. In the past, this has led many German Shepherds to sign up for harsh and punishing dog training programs. Research on dog behavior has advanced our understanding of how dogs learn. Modern dog training techniques focus on motivating the right behaviors through clear communication versus punishing the wrong ones. After all, it’s so much easier to do the right thing when you’re told exactly what the right thing is.
  • Suggests delicate and safe equipment: . German Shepherds are as strong and resilient as they are intelligent. You want to choose a German Shepherd trainer who cares about your dog’s mental and physical health. There are many dog ​​training aids often used by German Shepherd trainers that can cause pain or injury, induce fear, and even cause aggression. Be sure to do your research on the equipment a German Shepherd trainer suggests before you enroll your dog.
  • Knows the Importance of a Job: German Shepherd trainers understand how important it is to consider that German Shepherds are working purebred dogs that require a lot of mental stimulation. A quality German Shepherd trainer will want to discuss any hobbies and interests you may want to include in your dog training plan.

Being smart about training your smart dog shouldn’t be a hassle. You can ask a German Shepherd trainer to come to your home to discuss a personalized training plan. Schedule a free meeting with a German Shepherd trainer in Knoxville, TN.