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HOW TO HELP A Pomeranian give birth?

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How long does a pregnancy last in Pomerania?

The average pregnancy period or gestation period of Pomeranians is 63 days.

Pomeranian puppies are usually born 61 days after conception. It takes 48 hours for the egg to mature before the egg allows sperm penetration. If the female Pomeranian ovulates on the 11th day of the cycle, then conception begins on the 13th day of the cycle.

Provide a healthy diet

It is imperative to give your pregnant puppy a nutritious and very balanced diet to ensure the health of her and her unborn puppies. This eating routine needs to incorporate large amounts of protein, for example, lean meats (except pork), eggs and liver. Make sure your pup has frequent small meals, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. Make sure you provide your dog with enough water. You can also talk to your vet about special weight management or puppy nutrition plans. Never give a pregnant Pomeranian vitamin as she should be able to get enough nutrition from the food you feed her. In fact, vitamins can increase your pet’s risk of miscarriage.

During a normal pregnancy, short walks, moderate exercise and brief moments of play can keep you active and healthy. It is not prescribed to allow strenuous exercise or excessive rest during this period. Be sure to give your Pomeranian a little extra love, attention, care and consideration during this time. Walking is the best exercise for pregnant puppies. It is important that she is not overweight during her pregnancy, and because of her delicate condition, walking is the best way to keep her as fit as a violin for transport.

Nesting Behavior

Pregnant Pomeranians also exhibit nesting behavior quite frequently. This is often a behavior change later in the pregnancy and not one of the first indications that your dog is pregnant. Your Pomeranian’s nesting tendencies will become more pronounced as labor approaches.

Dogs use a variety of behaviors to indicate nesting. Most of the time, your Pomeranian may persistently scratch at her bed to build a «nest-like» platform for her to rest on. This is why the specific habit your dog may exhibit is known as “nesting”. You will find that nesting activity often indicates that parturition of the young is near.

Important Guidelines to Follow for a Healthy Pregnancy

Every female dog must be evaluated before becoming pregnant; yours is no exception. How often do you allow your dog’s breed to affect his health? That’s why you need to make sure she’s ready to breed, no matter how young she is.

Here are the most important guidelines you should pay attention to before letting your Pomeranian get pregnant: