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How to take care of a Great Pyrenees puppy?

Caring for the Pyrenees is a labor of love. Great Pyrenees need affection, kindness and human companionship.

Give your new puppy – or new adult dog – a quiet place. The puppy should have a place to go when he wants to be alone – he needs a lot of sleep. And remember that at this age the puppy is just a baby. Children must learn not to tease or handle the puppy roughly. It is unwise to leave a puppy alone and loose in a home. He will probably get bored and lonely and in that mood look for trouble to get into, such as chewing up sofa cushions, working on rugs or furniture. Always lock it in a pen or crate until you return. Allow him toys to play with, small puppy biscuits to chew on and fresh water.


The Pyrenean coat is extremely beautiful and requires a lot of care to keep it in top shape. Shedding occurs year-round by blowing off their undercoat in the fall and spring. Establishing a weekly brushing routine is essential, but 2-3 times a week is best.

Pears’ coats are self-cleaning, so if they get muddy, simply let them dry and brush them out. Pyrs only need a few baths a year to keep their coats looking nice.

Their double coat is mostly resistant to matting, but behind the ears and underparts are subject to matting.

Temperament and Personality

Great Pyrenees are loved for their sweet personality and docile demeanor. Although they are gentle, they can be serious dogs. This comes from their significant work history. But with training and lots of socialization from a young age, they grow up to be loving and well-mannered.

Another important thing to know about these dogs is that they are very intelligent. They have minds of their own, which can get out of control if not trained. They are also stubborn, so you have to hold your ground and stand firm while they are small and light enough for you to control. As they get bigger, it can be hard to say no to them.

Take care of their eyes

Sometimes Great Pyrenees puppies can have weepy eyes with a reddish discharge that can stain their fur. If this happens, simply clean the dog’s coat with a tear remover. Continue brushing until his coat is a beautiful white again.

I know you want to hear this, but you should brush your Pyrenees teeth. As with humans, good dental hygiene is generally an indicator of health and well-being, so once a month, get out the dog toothbrush and meat flavored toothpaste and give your dog’s teeth a good scrub. If you notice a lot of yellowing of the teeth or swollen gums, you may want to have it checked out by a vet.