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How to talk to a Pomeranian?

Dog doesn’t know what a handshake is. So when he lifts his paw and looks like he wants something, think about what he might need. Is he hungry or thirsty? Want something he can’t reach? Your dog wants to tell you and you must listen.

Pomeranian body language.

the problem with using body language is that what a human might think something means is actually different from the way a dog interprets it. Here are some guidelines you can follow to improve communication: Never look at your Pom. He thinks it’s a threat, and if he’s about to bite, he might attack in what he considers self-defense. Looking can also frighten a dog to the point of peeing on itself or running away for cover. You can look at a point near it, but not directly at it.

Protect your Pomeranian from strangers who can quickly approach him. When strange dogs meet for the first time, they tend to crawl sideways in a circular motion so they can understand each other. If a dog doesn’t do this, he’s sending a message that he might possibly attack. If a person does this, he feels threatened. The dog can react in three ways: trying to escape, ducking or biting in self-defense.

If you see that your pet is scared, walk up to him and stand aside for him.

Pom Playpen

The second step in taming your pet is to create a containment area. Just like with a human baby, you can also create a small playpen indoors for your Pomeranian. It is important to note that the containment area should not be a crate, as this has been shown to be ineffective in domestic dogs. The holding area will serve as your dog’s microenvironment for the first few weeks.

When you first bring your dog home, you might be tempted to spend as much time with him as possible. However, it is imperative that you do not let your dog roam freely around the room or house unsupervised. Unless you want to pee and poop all over your carpet, avoid letting them roam on their own.

History of the Pomeranian Breed

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom is credited with popularizing the Pom and breeding Pomeranians down to the size of larger spitzes, in the late 1800’s. the breed has retained its regal reputation along with its goofy smile.

Two Pomeranians survived the crash of the Titanic. And, when it comes to the arts, Pomeranians seem to be disproportionately responsible for fame. Snoopy of Peanuts fame may be a beagle, Lassie a collie, and Slinky in Toy Story a dachshund – but over the years, Pomeranians have served as cute muses for the kind of work one puts on in a tuxedo to enjoy. And yes, to be fair, Jenny Slate also voices a Pomeranian in The Secret Lives of Pets.