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How to train a German Shepherd wolf mix?

Wolves have captured our imaginations in fairy tales, films and folklore throughout human history. The similarity of the species to domestic dogs may lead us to attempt to cross them with the wild wolf, but the results are often disappointing.

As Cesar Millan explained in a 2010 episode of «Dog Whisperer» about wolf-dog hybrids, there is a huge difference in that tiny fraction of DNA that separates dogs from wolves – about 1% in the case of the former, against almost 2% in the case of humans and apes.

These mixed dogs weigh between 50 and 120 pounds and grow to over 24 inches tall. As with most breeds, females tend to be smaller and weigh less than their male counterparts.

Inherits a thick, slightly rough wolf-like coat and adapts to rough terrain and weather conditions. These dogs are moderate shedders, with a seasonal increase in shedding.

What is a German Shepherd wolf mix?

German Shepherd Wolf Mix (link)

Wolf Shepherd Training and Grooming:

For new dog owners, training a dog can be difficult and challenging task. The only way to train your dog the way you want is when you can communicate clearly with the dog. Dog owners need to understand that not all dogs respond differently to the same commands. The German Shepherd wolf mix is ​​one of the smartest breeds and that’s why they don’t respond to the same commands. To train your dog you must first understand your dog as it helps in developing a better relationship between you and your dog.

You may be concerned when you see a German Shepherd wolf mix. Will it be aggressive? Will he bark? Will he run away? Will he even listen to me? Puppies are like babies and you want them to grow up to be gentle, obedient, and well-mannered.


They possess both dog and wolf genes. However, they do enjoy having a strong bond with their owner and enjoy training sessions and socialization activities. They are also loyal and friendly. They can get aggressive in enclosed areas. Being an inquisitive breed, they can make excellent watchdogs.

The German Shepherd wild wolf mix can handle any space such as a room, house, lawns or any other outdoor area. They often cannot instantly adapt to new areas and environments. However, it takes time and training can make it free and familiarize yourself with the position faster. Like any other German Shepherd, they often dislike strangers, yet any behavior can be managed through training.