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Looking for a furry friend? Check out our bear fur Shar Pei puppies for sale!

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Bear Coat Shar-Pei Price

Prices for these adorable puppies range from $800 to $2,000. You might find one for less, but that’s unlikely.

Bear Coat Shar Pei’s have strong protective instincts

The Shar Pei breed has a history of being a guard dog and this quality shines through to their owners. They are docile and loving towards their owner, but are also extremely loyal. This breed has incredible hearing, so they are excellent protectors of the home by alerting their owners to potential dangers.

If security is a big concern of yours, this dog would be a welcome addition to your home. But there are some problems that will come with this strong protective nature. They are not the friendliest with other people and dogs they don’t know. In general, they are also very independent, stubborn and very territorial when it comes to their home.

Coat Type

Apart from these factors, a Shar Pei’s coat type can change its selling price. The Shar Pei comes in three main coat varieties, including brush coat, pony coat, and bear coat. As these are popular, their asking price will also change. The Shar Pei bear coat is the most expensive as it is the rarest breed. For more information on coat variations among Shar Peis, check out this article that has more information on Shar Pei fur.

The age of your puppy will also change its set price. In general, the younger the dog, the more expensive it will be to purchase. Usually this is due to two main factors: people think Shar Pei puppies are adorable (as they are) and puppies are usually easier to train. However, some people find that adopting an older pet is beneficial, not only because of the lower cost, but because you can already tell the personality/temperament before adoption.

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