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The odd nose distinguishes the dog from all other breeds. Meaning Ā«forked noseĀ» in Turkish, the animal has a forked nose with one of the best senses of smell. The dog was bred for hunting and as a guide dog.

The strange species is not only strange looking but also very rare. It is estimated that only about 200 of these dogs exist in the world today.

39 Akita mixed breeds! Let the magic begin!

Are you ready to meet these wonderful kids? Without further ado, here are some adorable Akita mixes.

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Air Tag Save Dog’s Life

During the recent rain in California, a pet owner’s worst nightmare came true. Her dog, Seamus, was swept away down a canal. She and her husband desperately followed their beloved pet using his air ticket with no time to spare. The aerial signal sent live updates of his exact location every few seconds, allowing rescue teams to find him before it was too late.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shar Pei’s Dog Food Topper

Shar Pei’s can easily tire of the same food every day. Some dog owners like to occasionally top their dog’s food with chicken, eggs or ground beef. While this will certainly increase the palatability of your shar pei’s food, they may simply choose the good stuff. Many shar pei owners have had great success with freeze dried dog food toppings. Since the meat is powdered, it coats the existing dog food pieces and improves the flavor. Your dog won’t even know it’s the same food!

It is normal for your shar pei to get tired of their daily food. Just imagine if you do the same thing every day! One way to improve your Shar Pei’s appetite for everyday food is to use freeze-dried meat for dog food. If the topping is made in powder form, it will coat the existing food and enhance the flavor. As with any change to your dog’s diet, be sure to introduce the topper slowly and consider using a probiotic to strengthen your dog’s digestive system and reduce the chance of diarrhea.

Shar-Akita (Akita & Shar-Pei Mix)

Photo Credit: mrswooferton / Instagram

Shar-Akita, a cross between Shar-Pei and Akita , is brave and smart dog Despite the fact that this hybrid is not suitable for beginners, it is definitely a great pet to have.