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Shar Pei Dalmatian Mix – The perfect companion for active families

Feeding your puppy does more than help him grow – it’s a way to bond and it gets him on a schedule that makes it easier for you to house train him. Start with the food recommended by the pet store.

Labrador Retriever

Like the Golden Retriever, the Labrador Retriever is a unique breed for families. They have many of the same characteristics as golden retrievers, but are generally easier to groom as they are short-haired dogs. Labrador retrievers, or «labs» for short, need lots of exercise and love to play, so they’re perfect for active families.

  • Size – Labs are larger dogs, comparable in size to golden retrievers, although they often appear smaller due to their short hair. The average weight of a lab is between 25-35 kilograms and they are usually 55-62 centimeters tall when standing.
  • Energy – Unlike golden retrievers, labradors are relatively energetic and require a lot of exercise. They enjoy swimming and running in vast spaces. So, while labs are great family pets, they need owners who can monitor their energy levels.
  • Temperament – Labs are extremely intelligent and playful, making the perfect companion for children and adults. This breed likes to be sociable and usually gets along with other animals and even strangers. However, they are also very loyal and can therefore be good watchdogs if needed.
  • Trainability –  Labrador retrievers are very obedient and loyal, making them a great breed to train. Whether you are looking for a guard dog, or simply want to avoid causing damage to your property, labs are a great option.

Bull Pei (Bulldog)

Photo by: @sir.winston.the.bullpei

(tixag_b The Briard)_3)tix – The Briard

One of the best dog guardians you will find anywhere is the Briard. Although many dogs are bred to herd or guard; The Briard was bred to do both jobs. They are intelligent, responsible, loyal and vigilant – much like ESTJs. Often referred to as a «heart of gold wrapped in fur», these dogs are known for their incredible memory and trainability. They like to herd animals or people into the right boundaries and they like to rule and have certain authorities in charge. Although they may seem to be all about work; these dogs have an unexpected gentle side and grow very close to their families – often very upset if left alone for long periods of time.

Border collies are probably the most intelligent dog breed you will find. Known for their intense stares, boundless energy, and drive to work, these dogs exhibit high ENTJ tendencies. Known as «workaholic dogs,» these collies are not cuddly couch potatoes. They have a lot of mental and physical endurance and want to get jobs and constantly learn more. These collies have no problem taking the lead and directing and will herd anyone – animal or human – to a given spot. They are known for their intuitive ability to predict their owner’s desire in advance – similar to the ENTJ’s intuition of how to predict future trends or business opportunities. Border collies are intelligent, extremely curious – and my pick for the best ENTJ dog breed.

Sharp Eagle (Beagle & Shar-Pei Mix)

Photo Credit: rosie_thesharpeagle / Instagram

As intimidating as their name suggests, Sharp Eagles are among the friendliest Shar-Pei Pei mixes on this list. This is thanks to the natural charm and curiosity of the Beagle parent.