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Shar Pei Price: How Much Does This Dog Breed Cost?

Prices vary according to characteristics including rarity, temperament, common diseases and also if you plan to show your dog in competitions.

Before buying a Shar-Peis, you need to know about these factors. Doing so will help you determine if the Shar-Pei price you are getting is justified. Knowing these factors will also help you choose the right puppy.

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The Shar Pei is a great family dog, because they are generally calm, affectionate, loyal and protective.

Families with older children tend to do better with this breed, although if a young child and a Shar Pei puppy grow up together, it usually works well.

Coat Type

Apart from these factors, a Shar Pei’s coat type can change its selling price. The Shar Pei comes in three main coat varieties, including brush coat, pony coat, and bear coat. As these are popular, their asking price will also change. The Shar Pei bear coat is the most expensive as it is the rarest breed. For more information on coat variations among Shar Peis, check out this article that has more information on Shar Pei fur.

The age of your puppy will also change its set price. In general, the younger the dog, the more expensive it will be to purchase. This is usually due to two main factors: people find Shar Pei puppies adorable (as they are) and puppies are usually easier to train. However, some people find it beneficial to adopt an older pet, not only because of the lower cost, but because you can already tell the personality/temperament before adoption.

Martini Shar-Pei

At Martini Shar-Pei, they have been breeding and showing their dogs for over twenty years. Their kennel was located in Flordia for many years but recently moved to North Carolina.

They don’t breed their dogs year round, so they only have about one or two litters a year.

●     Breeder Location

If the breeder is located in a cool area, the cost of the dog will be higher. This will increase the cost of the dog and as a result the breeder will charge an extra amount.

The breeder offers you all the documents needed in the identification and registration process of the dog. Wow! Then why won’t he charge you extra? These documents are a mandatory requirement to undergo the American Kennel Club registration process.