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Should I get a Reddit Pomeranian?

Having children is a woman’s most wonderful role. Unfortunately, there are unwanted reasons that make some of them biologically incapable of having children. Some people look to advances in technology and science for help, while others decide to have alternative options, such as adopting a child or a dog.

This is a viral story on Reddit, and the couple who shared it need your advice. A SIL who is unable to have a child of her own and has already lost her 16-year-old dog wants to buy the couple’s 3-year-old Pomeranian.

Temperament female Pomeranian

Puppy buyers seem to believe that a female Pomeranian will be the best choice. Most Pomeranian puppy questions are for a sweet little dog.

This is probably true for most toy dog ​​breeds, in contrast to the larger dog breeds where the questions are usually for male puppies. With the biggest and most «macho» puppy of the litter sold first.

Pomeranian Cons

Shedding And Grooming

If you want a Pom, you better be prepared for a lot of hair. Pomeranians have a double coat – a thick undercoat and a rough outer coat. These small dogs shed year-round, but the shedding gets out of control during the changing seasons. You will have to commit to a regular grooming schedule or consider the services of a professional groomer.

What is the Average Price of a Pomeranian?

Most Pomeranians will sell for around $850 (in the middle of the $550-$1,700 range). However, this depends on a variety of factors, including age, coloring, location, pedigree and demand for the dog, as well as the breeder’s location, skills and background. You can expect to pay more for specialist Pomeranians and less for those a little older/looking to be adopted from a local shelter.

With regard to age, a dog will normally sell at its highest cost during the first few weeks, peaking between 6-8 weeks of age and dropping slowly but steadily from there until year 2, when you will notice a sharp decline in cost. This has a lot to do with the demand of small dogs – wanting to bring the pup into their home early on. Especially when thinking about Pomeranians, it doesn’t get much cuter than a toy dog ​​breed.


Little Pomeranians still need exercise to stay healthy and happy. They are energetic dogs that enjoy running around in an enclosed yard, chasing a ball or toy. They also enjoy hiking. Two brisk 20-minute walks a day will help your Pom burn off energy. Remember that your Pom has a double coat of fur, so avoid times when it’s extremely hot outside. Your Pom will likely have to walk really fast to keep up with it due to its size. Slow down and let your dog match your pace so he doesn’t push himself too hard. If you notice that your dog is getting very tired, it’s time to go home.

Pomeranians are smart and easy to train if you use the right approach. A smart dog can also be a mischievous dog, and combined with the Pom’s stubbornness, this can quickly go awry. Training sessions should use positive reinforcement and a special reward that your dog loves. Keeping their attention can be difficult at times, but not impossible.