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Spirit of the Great Pyrenees?

This is one of a collection of stories that are like «Final Destination» meets «The Monkey’s Paw» (W. W. Jacobs, 1902). As such, they are tragedies more than either mysteries or horrors, and would appeal most to readers who enjoy the inescapable pull of a story arc that leads to death. In each story, a protagonist makes a wish that comes true with fatal consequences for someone, often the wisher. Nothing supernatural, just the way things work out. (Or is it?) The technical details surrounding the fatal (or near-fatal) event are drawn from actual cases in the US OSHA incident report database or similar sources, and are therefore entirely realistic, even if seemingly outlandish. The plot makes light of cultural beliefs surrounding actions such as pointing at someone with a stick or knife, making a wish in front of a mirror, or stepping on a crack.

Rose was a hot mess. She was witty, beautiful and bright, but she made decisions and friends that would test the patience of even the most steadfast guardian angel. Rose had terrible luck with three things: men, cars and work. The latest in her line of missing boyfriends had stolen money from the tip bowl when Rose was working as a hairdresser. The job hadn’t been the best she’d ever had, but the hours were flexible, the rest of the staff were friendly, and the advice was great. Rose had collected two alerts, both related to her latest boyfriend. She had missed a shift because he got her drunk, and she came to work one Monday smelling of his weed. No one there really hated Rose’s new crush, but he was just too smooth for comfort, and they were all waiting for something nasty to emerge from his past and explode in Rose’s face.

The gossips had three main contenders as to what it might be: wife and children; arrest warrant; or the favorite: he was on the run from the mob.

When in doubt, call your vet

How do you know when it’s time to contact your vet? The answer is, whenever you are concerned.

Do not under any circumstances waste your time worrying about your Pyrenean wakes. Your job is to watch for any facial abnormalities in your Great Pyrenees. The rest is up to your vet to figure out what your dog is going through and what the possible causes might be.

Show haircut

Hair and eyebrows should be removed. Eyebrows must be kept short so that they do not grow into the eye.

Ears, especially on puppies, can be very intact. With coarse, double-bladed, thinner shears, work against the hair from the leather out. Remove excess hair a little at a time. The last strays can be removed with a quick dusting downwards with the thumb and forefinger. Make sure the ears fit when you’re done.

What are the signs of heatstroke?

Great Pyrenees and dogs, in general, won’t just overheat right away. Overheating is a process, with three finite stages that you can observe in a hot dog. While none of the steps in this process are good for your dog, it’s important to understand the difference between a slight heat stroke and a full-on heat stroke!

Heat stress is the first stage you can see in a sausage. Although these marks are not completely normal, they are still nothing to worry about and can easily be fixed with cool water or shade!