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The Best Shar Pei Chow Mix – Your Guide

The breed is believed to have originated around the small village of Tai Lin in Kwangtung Province, China.

The first references to them can be found in the form of tomb statues and clay figures.

The Most Suitable Owners

The Chow Pei can be a difficult dog to train and care for. They are not best for families or people with other pets. They are independent dogs who know what they want and can be very stubborn.

Having said that, a person who lives alone and has a lot of time to care for and train a Chow Pei is an ideal owner.

Recommended dog food for an adult Chinese Shar-Pei

A Shar-Pei should be able to eat most quality dog ​​food, but each dog is an individual. Even dogs of the same breed can have different dietary needs. Some dogs need more calories than others. Some dogs will do better with more protein or fat than other dogs. We offer some food suggestions for your Shar-Pei that meet our standards, but you may need to use trial and error to see which food your dog does best.

When trying a new food, be sure to allow a few days to transition slowly, mixing in a little of your dog’s old food each day. Of course, if your dog shows signs that he doesn’t like the food or can’t tolerate it, you have to make changes. If your dog eats the food but you don’t like his condition after a few weeks, you can switch him back – slowly – to the old food. It is best not to go straight to another new food. You can upset your dog’s digestive system if you keep switching to too many new foods in a short period of time. Once your dog has settled back into the old food, you can try a new food again. You should allow at least a few weeks between feedings before trying another new food so that you can give your dog’s system a chance to rest and recover. This also gives the new food a fair chance.

Socializing Your Dog

You need to start socializing your dog early, especially if you have children and other pets. Your puppy may be very good with your children but not so good around other dogs. Your puppy will be stubborn so you need to be firm when it comes to discipline. However, Shar Pei do not respond well to yelling and loud voices, positive reinforcement combined with treats will work much better.

Your puppy will need regular exercise but keep him on a leash while walking him. You may also want to consider a puppy school to help with training. Shar Pei are sensitive to heat so make sure there is plenty of water and shade. Shar Pei are fairly low maintenance so they only need to be brushed once a week or so, the exception being in hot weather when they shed. Get your ears cleaned regularly and your nails trimmed and that’s about it.


Chow Peis may have brown eyes while the nose may be black or brown in color.

Their coat color can have the following options: